Diversty Lead - Taking Applilcations through 10/3


Alliance General Manager
Alliance Rules
Atlanta Staff
We are looking for our next Lead for the Alliance National Diversity and Inclusivity Committee (Diversity for short).

The Alliance Diversity Committee recommends interventions that promote an inclusive culture in which diversity adds value to each chapter and the national organization. Interventions will…
  • Help Alliance players demonstrate respect for diverse people and perspectives.
  • Support all players’ voices and value their experiences.
  • Encourage players from every background to play Alliance games and feel safe while doing so.
As the lead for the committee your duties would include- being present on Discord, attend a once monthly leads meeting at 8pm EST on the first Wednesday of every month where we talk about where we are at and how to achieve our next steps, manage and assign work tasks within an Agile methodology, file a report on the status of your committee by the 15th, and act as the eyes, ears, and ultimately the mouthpiece for the things we might otherwise miss. This position reports to the Alliance GM.

If you would like to be in the running for the position please speak to your owner who can recommend you for the position. I will be contacting all candidates next week about our next steps.

Thanks again,

Alliance GM