[.11] Does anybody like resolute?

"Not avoidable" is very imprecise wording in a game that uses precise defenses. My instinct would be that means that the effect can't be guarded against and can't be returned. I think it probably can be reduced, which, without checking the rules, is what I believe Resolute does. However, I will admit that I am far from confident in that assessment. Honestly, I am not even certain whether or not I believe a creature could "No effect" Vengeance based on that wording.

2-5 resolutes feels amazing. 30-40 resolutes feels really wasteful. This isn't true for parry or mettle or evade or dodge. It's just a weird skill.
On a PC. However, can you imagine how powerful 30-40 Resolutes could potentially be on a NPC? I can and it is actually making me uncomfortable as I work through niche NPC build concepts.



I'm not looking at the current wording of Vengeance, so I have to ask: Is there any reason that you would think that you couldn't?

Mostly this "This damage is 10 points per level of ritual magic possessed by the caster and is not avoidable in any manner."

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I think it probably can be reduced
Reducing something feels like you are avoiding some of the damage.
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norman b

I would say you are not avoiding the vengeance. You would be taking the damage (to armor included) and keeping yourself up with 1 point. That's just a double tap waiting to happen.


I believe Resoute would work fine. It does not resist damage. It simply sets your HP to 1 after damage from one source attack is applied regardless of how far below 0 that attack would put you.


Resolute actually calls out "reduce" as part of it's rules text. Unless the wording is changed, allowing resolute to bypass vengeance would also allow standard reduction calls to bypass vengence (examples: takes 1 damage from all non silver attacks; reduce all damage above 5 to 5).