Doing OOG business at the Dragon's Hoard (trading/barter)

Willem Rivet

Hi there! I'm JT, and if you didn't know, I run an IG vendor space called the Dragon's Hoard where I offer a mix of IG and OOG things, from item tags (with reps) to jewelry and drinks/snacks. Most know I accept in-game coin for my wares, but I also accept trades and barter as well. I might even have an IG task that needs doing that can suffice for payment.

This thread (which I have cross-posted to Chicago as well) serves to alert people as to what kinds of things I'm looking for in terms of trades and answer questions about if something might be a good thing to bring and barter with. At no point will I be purchasing these things for real OOG coin, just item exchanges and tags/reps. And possibly IG coin.

While the Dragon's Hoard IG exists to turn a profit, OOG the goal is to be an immersive store that helps people acquire stuff they might not be able to afford, or kit out a character that might need help with definition. Plus reps and tags. And it really helps with immersion to get tankards and finishing touches out there.

These are things I'm always looking for:
Reps. Give me your old stuff! As long as it passes a safety check, I'll take it. Better returns on prettier reps.
Packets (or packet materials, like fabric and birdseed. No big seeds!)
Potion vials
Tabbards/costuming (even newbie stuff. Especially newbie stuff.)
Jewelry (preference given to solid metal jewelry that fits the world)
Jewelry findings, or plain chains, etc. I can make most things work.
Stone, glass or metal beads. (No plastic! Still working through a now 4 year backlog on plastic!)
Lanterns/light fixtures/Light Decor/glowsticks/LED lights.
Armor, no matter how junky. I can clean/repair.
Feastware! This is a broad category, and I have a lot already. Priority given to full individual sets of feastware, or horn stuff. No wooden plates! No personal engravings!
Foreign or fantasy-type coins and trinkets (as long as it can look the part, I'm interested.)
Leather goods (or leather scraps, rivets, tools, etc.)
Trunks, Chests, and boxes! Must be in working order (and please let me know if I need to make room. My car is usually packed to the gills.)
Locks (with keys/combos)
Puzzle blocks/boxes
Decorum instruments (and ukes. Ukes are always decorum. Fight me.)
Flower crowns and circlets
Prosthetics and all the stuff that goes with it!
Race makeup (unopened, please) and applicators!

and other stuff I'm not thinking of.

Please ask questions here. Might seem specific to you, but that can spark questions in others.