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    Alliance Oregon is having another DONATION DRIVE! Yay!

    What is a donation drive?
    Well, it's a time to give things to plot and deco for MORE GOBBIES THAN USUAL! Our current gobbie rate is 10 GOBBIES PER DOLLAR!! You can donate straight cash, or items that are desperately needed by plot and deco for a generous helping of gobbies.

    Are there other ways I can help besides buying things?
    YES! Many of the items on our list can be made by crafty people instead of bought! If you'd like to know how many gobbies you will be receiving for a hand-crafted item, please email either plot ( or logistics (

    Do I need to tell you ahead of time what I'm bringing?
    Please do. It's not required, except for our urgent items, but it would really help us out! Shoot an email to Logistics or Plot and let us know what you're doing and we'll be happy to thank you profusely!

    How long is this going to last???
    Many of these items are URGENT needs for us in one way or another. To that end, we will be running this donation drive until NOVEMBER 2nd, which is the Friday of our next event. This is the LAST DAY to TURN IN ITEMS to receive credit for them at our increased rates. Items received after this date will be subject to our usual 5:1 ratio unless you have prior approval from Plot or Logistics.

    Okay, I'm on board! What can I do???
    First off, thank you! Now, onto the goods!

    To donate CASH:
    Square cash link:$allianceoregon
    PayPal link:

    You will receive your gobbies shortly after your payment processes.

    These items are URGENTLY NEEDED for NEXT GAME! We cannot run the game we want to run without them! Please commit to bringing them by October 19th by emailing Plot or Logistics, then bring them either to game or arrange with plot or logistics to hand them off. You will receive your gobbies shortly after receipt of the items is confirmed.
    1. Undead tabards. You will get 100 gobbies for painting, plus cost of tabard. Preferred base tabards (sizes L-XXL only please):
      1. Black tabards with white bones. x10
      2. White tabards with black bones. x10
      3. Black tabards with fleshy/zombie-like designs. x10
        NOTE: We are not looking for fabric sheet tabards for this. Please use the above link for the tabard base.
    2. Packets. You will get 1 gobbie per packet, NEW PACKETS ONLY!
      1. Spell packets x3000

    Less Urgent But Still Needed
    These items are not needed quite as urgently, but are still needed badly (we can run the game without them, but it will be way cooler with them!). You are welcome to tell Plot and Logistics you are bringing a thing, but you are not required to. You will receive your gobbies shortly after receipt is confirmed.
    1. Weapons (Latex preferred where applicable, but anything non-PVC is accepted)
      1. Spears x4
      2. One Handed Blunts x4
      3. Two Handed Swords x4
      4. Light Crossbows x3
      5. Heavy Crossbows x5
      6. Staves x2
    2. Clothing
      1. Renaissance Shirts various appropriate colors size XL-3XL x10
        1. Examples of acceptable products:
      2. Game-Appropriate Skirts various appropriate colors size XL-3XL x10
        1. Example of acceptable product:
      3. Tabards various colors, size XL-XXL x5-10
        1. These ones please:
    3. Armour
      1. EVA Foam Armour fitting size L-3XL x5
      2. Chainmail shirt size XL-3XL x5
        1. Example of acceptable product:
    4. Race Reps
      1. Red Mystic Wood Elf Horns x5
        1. Examples of acceptable products:
        2. horns&ref=sr_gallery-1-5&organic_search_click=1
        3. We are also willing to accept black (or other colors) spray-painted with red
      2. Blue Mystic Wood Elf Horns x5
        1. Examples of acceptable products:
        2. horns&ref=sr_gallery-1-9&organic_search_click=1
        3. We are also williing to accept black (or other colors) spray-painted with blue
      3. Elf Ears x10 pairs
    5. Etc
      1. Makeup Remover Wipes x20 packages
      2. Belt favors from Sedovia, Valenzia, Savage Lands and Wyldmoor.
        1. Contact Plot for designs
    6. Component phys reps
      1. Cariosis, Nightshade (needed badly)
        1. Components are large popsicle sticks that have small items attached to one end of them with hot glue. You must leave enough space on the popsicle stick for the tag to be taped on. The item attached to the one end is different depending on what kind of component it is.
        2. To create cariosis, you need to dip the end of a wide popsicle stick in black wax or paint (Black wax is available on the Decor Wishlist)
        3. To create nightshade, you will need to create a black mushroom out of clay, or buy one, then hot glue it onto the end of a wide popsicle stick.
        4. Example component (Penna for the curious): [​IMG]
    7. Deco Wishlist

    Still have questions? Feel free to contact Logistics or Plot about them and we'll get right back to you!
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    Bump! This is only ongoing for a few more weeks! Get them beautiful gobbies now!

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