Donation Drive

We are pleased to announce a Donation Drive for Alliance LARP Virginia! On top of our 15 : $1 Gobbie Ratio, we would like to give back to exceptional donors who are helping us create as immersive an experience as possible. Every single dollar from this drive is going directly into site costs, props, monster camp, decorations, costuming, etc., everything we'd need to help you be the best you that you can't be.


Donation Tiers

  • $5 - A Crisp High-5 from Virginia Owner Colby & An Alliance Virginia Sticker
  • $30 - A Dream Scarab Enamel Pin + 1 Entry into a Weapon Raffle(1)
  • $50 - An Alliance Virginia T-Shirt + 2 Entries into a Weapon Raffle
  • $100 - A Magic Item Pick (2) + 2 Entries into a Weapon Raffle
  • $200 - A 3 Effect, 20 Logistics Period, LCO Magic Item (3) + 10 Dragon Stamps
  • $300 - A Solo or Group Photoshoot of your Alliance Character(s)(4) , 5 Entries into a Weapon Raffle + 15 Dragon Stamps
  • $500 - A Barony in the land of Tel'Vania(5) + 25 Dragon Stamps
All rewards are cumulative (i.e. If you donate $100 you'll get all of the rewards from that tier and the ones below it for a combined total of a magic item pick, a t-shirt, an enamel pin, a sticker, 5 entries into our weapon raffle and a Crisp High-5 from Colby)

(1) Our weapon raffle will be 5 phys reps: 3 from Epic Armory, 1 crafted by Virginia Owner Colby, and 1 crafted by Master Foamsmith William Cook, donors will place their entries in one of 5 baskets for the phys rep of their choice. Donors may choose to put all tickets in one basket or divide the entries for multiple chances to win multiple items. Pictures of each item will be released at a later date.

(2) List of Magic Items eligible for this tier will be released at a later date.

(3) List of Effects eligible for this tier will be released at a later date.

(4) Donors will coordinate with Virginia Staff Darien Gabriel-Jones to schedule and shoot for this photography package. Can be done locally in Asheville NC, At site for our Tel'Vania games or at any games we travel to. This reward does not expire.

(5) Donors eligible for a Barony will have the ability to pick where it's located in Tel'vania, the name of the Barony, a customized crest & in-game plot recognition

These rewards are up for grabs until the launch of our first game. Donors who have donated prior to this announcement are still eligible for these rewards. Donors who wish to continually donate over time will have their donations tracked and be notified when they have reached the next tier of rewards. Please include your t-shirt size in the comments section of your donation. All physical rewards will be given at our first game, players who are unable to attend please notify Darien or Colby and we will mail it to you after our first game. We ask that you pay your Paypal donation as friends & family so we receive the full amount.

Thank you for your donations and enthusiasm!​

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I do not see a deadline on this, is this still active?
Yes, still active, yep up until the first event. Thank you soooo much to every who has donated or who is considering donating.
Donation submitted! ^_^


Roanoke Staff
If you have donated and don't see your Goblin Stamps added please email me with your real name entered into the CMA and the email address you used. Also when donating with paypal please send it as friends and family not as goods and services.


New donation: Please update Gobbies when you can.

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