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If you would like to donate items to Alliance San Francisco, please contact before beginning any projects or making any purchases.

Acceptable colors for costuming and make-up are:
Black, Red, White, Grey, Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple, Brown

3 goblin stamps each:

Orange packets – qty 400
Blue packets – qty 600
White packets – qty 1000

All packets must be sewn. No gather packets please.

3 goblin stamps per dollar:

Make-up remover wipes
Mouse traps and string
Pony clips, Large

4 goblin stamps per dollar:

Painter’s cloths
Black plastic sheeting, 6’ x 100’ rolls
2 20yd bolts of cotton blend fabric in each of the above colors

5 goblin stamps per dollar:

Prosthetics – contact us for specific needs
Walkies – need 6-8
Boffers – Latex only
10 suits of wrap pants, T tunics, and sash - Black and Red are needed IMMEDIATELY +Labor

Masks - contact us, all masks by arrangement only

All raw materials will be valued as cash donations unless otherwise specified.
Additionally, cash donations may be made at
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Updated 02/27/13
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