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    This post includes the most recent list of requested donations. Alliance Videa also has an ongoing request for cash and gift cards (Walmart, Target).

    Below are the rates of compensation for both monetary and physical item donations.

    For any questions regarding donations of physical items including makeup and packets, please contact

    For any questions regarding donations of cash or gift cards, please contact

    Updated: 6/21/18


    The following tiers are the compensation for the amount spent on a donation, or cash donations. Donations round up or down at the .49/.50 divide. Donations made as a group pool will be divided equally, and then each player will be credited individually according to the chart below.

    Less than $24: 3 GS per dollar
    $25 to $48: 5 GS per dollar
    $49 to $98: 9 GS per dollar
    $99 to $148: 10 GS per dollar
    $149 to $248: 12 GS per dollar
    $249 or more: 15 GS per dollar

    Item Donation Requests

    Please note all requests are for completely fragrance free products. Thank you.

    Anything that is most easily available on Amazon is on our Amazon wish list, so please use the list if you want to shop from Amazon. If you are shopping somewhere else, including for items that are not on the Amazon wish list, please contact so the item is removed from the wanted list.

    Each item has a link to an example(s) of the product and a place that sells them. You might find a better deal at your local stores.

    White, Blue, and Orange

    Packets are valued at $0.50 and bulk donations are compensated at the same tiers as cash and other item donations. Donations made by a group will first be divided evenly among all participating individuals. Compensation will be calculated at the rate relevant to each individual portion.

    Packet chart
    46 or fewer: 1.5 GS per packet
    47 to 96: 2.5 GS per packet
    97 to 196: 4 GS per packet
    197 to 296: 5 GS per packet
    297 to 496: 6 GS per packet
    497 or greater: 7.5 GS per packet

    Fragrance and alcohol free baby wipes or makeup wipes

    1x Yellow Mehron Paradise (on list)
    2x White Mehron Starblend (on list)
    2x Black Mehron Starblend (on list)

    Makeup wedges

    Setting spray (fragrance free)

    Insect Repellent

    Hand sanitizer


    Elf ears
    Amazon (on wish list)

    Gift Cards
    Staples (on wish list)


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