Downtime Announcement - May 2020


Oregon Staff
Hey all! As of right now, we're still planning on having a May event, but we want to do something nice for everyone since there are probably some people bummed out about April going away. We're reopening downtime submissions for people who missed the downtime deadline. The normal rules still apply (1 individual downtime that could be a group downtime instead, and 1 group downtime), but if you didn't get both of those submitted, you can get them in now if you want!

Submissions will be open until March 24th at 11:59 PM (next Tuesday). Please direct questions to

Additionally, we'll be sending out downtime responses on April 5th as anticipated, but those downtimes will have continuation options you'll need to respond to (you'll see what we mean when you get your downtimes back). Responses will be due back on April 12th, and your final part of the downtime will be sent out on May 3rd. We'll post more again when we get there. ;)

Love yall and hope to hear from you soon!