Downtimes for June

norman b

Hey players!

For this round of downtimes, we would like people to know that heading to the capital via circle walk or heading to Foxbridge via walk-walk will just happen. It has to happen and we don't want to dictate you having to spend your downtimes that way.

That being said, you can have your group downtimes be something else besides walking with them, it would just take place after the walk (unless you decide not to escort them back). Or, you can spend your downtime with the Jemajh after getting to your destination.

Please let us know which direction you went though in your downtime so we may know which way your character will be coming into foxbridge.


Also a reminder that Foxbridge is currently occupied by Valenzia. Take that in consideration when you do downtimes.


Thanks for the heads up! and Yay! No need to corral PC's for a huge downtime! ^.^ Just for a slightly smaller one >.>