Dragon Stamps

In the coming weeks and months you'll be seeing a number of opportunities for our Players to received Dragon Stamps as rewards for participating in Chapter activities. Dragon Stamps are the reward currency of the Alliance LARP organization nationally.

With that in mind, here's some information about what Dragon Stamps can do for your characters:

Dragon Stamps may compensate players in any of the following formats:

Dragon Blanket: 6
Dragon Stamp to Goblin Stamp Conversion: 1 Dragon Stamp = 5 Goblin Stamps
Campaign Event Reimbursement: 12 per event blanket
Restricted Alliance Magic Item: See chart

Dragon Blanket:
A contributor may purchase one Dragon Blanket per month. A dragon blanket is tracked within the contributor’s home database, and this is in addition to any goblin blanket a contributor earns within their home campaign. A contributor may never possess more then 12 blankets per year from the Alliance. This may also be purchased and placed upon another character within a contributor’s home campaign, thus awarded as a reward to players. Local campaign owners may request awarding Dragon Blankets to a player who contributed something import to the Alliance, or as a special reward for service within their game for the betterment of their games.

Dragon Stamp to Goblin Stamp Conversion:
A player may convert Dragon Stamps to Goblin Stamps redeemable in a campaign of choice. Once a Dragon Stamp is converted to Goblin Stamps, the transfer is as if the contributor earned it in that campaign. No additional limits are imposed once a player performs the conversion; it’s a full value goblin stamp within the campaign.

Campaign Event Reimbursement:
A player may convert Dragon Stamps to obtain credit for an event as if they attended. This may only be used for one event per weekend per player. Event Blankets may not be purchased for other players. Campaign Event Blankets must follow all local chapter policies, including membership status as required.

Restricted Alliance Magic Item:
A contributor may utilize their Dragon Stamps to purchase magical items via a formula. Items purchased from the Alliance are never permanent, and are never simply enchant based items.

Alliance items are Restricted thus usable within any campaign in the Alliance.
• The duration of an Alliance magic item is either one year, or five years.
• A maximum of 2 five year items and 3 one year items can be purchased by any one individual per year.

Additional Restrictions:
• Items such as arcane armor, damage auras, and protection auras may only be purchased as one year items.
• Items such as arcane armor, damage auras, and protection auras will be spirit linked or spirit locked to limit them being released within a campaign. Items with a spirit link or spirit lock must pay for the additional cost of these rituals.
• Items such as arcane armor, damage auras, and protection auras may not possess additional rituals upon them.
• The contributor must provide the physical representation to their local campaign so that it may be engraved, placed within their database, and its description noted. The local campaign will be responsible for providing a tag for the item.
• Rituals that may be placed on a spirit or an item must always be placed on an item.
• The maximum number of rituals on any item is six.
• A spirit link counts as one ritual for purposes of maximum rituals.
• Preserve counts as one ritual for the purposes of determining the maximum number of rituals.
• The amount of rituals a ritual costs for the purposes of determining the number of rituals an item may be possess in any other way will correspond to the Alliance Ritual system.


Once the cost of the item is determined, the price includes duration of one year in the above table. If the item is 5 year determine the final cost of the item by taking the items value and multiplying it by 2.5.

Items placed within any item that possesses a production cost will pay one additional dragon stamp for every 5 production points the item costs. Silvering will cost one Dragon stamp for every 5 inches of the weapon.

Dragon stamp questions, requests and expenditures follow the process below:
1. Email request to the local chapter logistics and dragonstamps@alliancelarp.com.
2. All magic item requests must include the aspect (earth or celestial), description of the physrep, and character (when appropriate).
3. Requests will be reviewed and updated at least twice monthly, so plan ahead if you would like blankets or expenditures for upcoming events.

Good luck.