Dressing the Part

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Kaja bustled around her small room. It was early the morning after the masquerade and on her mind was but one thing. Well, two, as the silly bracelet she was stuck with simply did not go with the outfit she wanted to wear. "You know, first you bully your way on to me and then you don't even have the decency to be magical enough to shift hues for me. It's rude, is what it is."

The Tari nor had scrubbed clear of all the glitter she had worn the previous night and now donned her usual combination of specially cut jewels, affixed to her horns. Tyl always did love help dressing his sister up. These jewels were new, she'd brought them home with her after a visit to her family. She took a moment to admire them before busying herself with her hair. An updo would be best, simple but elegant, a little more serious. Flowers were woefully out of season, but she used a couple feathers in her hair instead.

Her outfit was her biggest concern. She wanted to be herself, but also presentable. She'd been paying attention to how the nobility dressed in this city, and it seemed a bit more formal than her layered skirts, and a lot more formal than her very little she tended to wear in warmer climes. She had chosen to use her layered skirts but to top them with a lace scarf about her hips to help tame them a bit. She wore a less playful top than her usual wont, solid in colour and, while flattering to her figure, leaving much to the imagination.

Feeling confident about her choices, the young Tari Nor strode from her room and down to the main entry hall. Seeking an attendant, she smiled brightly, head tipped to one side. "I'm very sorry to bother you, but I don't much know my way around the city yet. If I were to seek out A...Count, I believe his title is,... Wheatley, where might I go to find him? I do hope he's still in the city, he was at the masquerade last night after all."
Looking up from his chores the attendant smiles back. "Oooo a Count you say? He could be anywhere in the city. Staying at one of the fancier inns around the city, or he might have an apartment in the upper city, where most the royals, merchants and foreign dignitaries stay," he shrugs his shoulders, "sorry."
A small frown took the Tari Nor's lips but she quickly masked her disappointment so as not to upset the man. It wasn't his fault, after all. She should have known this wouldn't be a simple task. She flashed another bright smile, performed a small curtsy (she was getting rather fond of the elegance of the move) and said, "You've narrowed my search somewhat. I have, at least, a place to start. Thank you." She plucked one of the many feathers in her hair and gently tucked it into the man's collar, giving a light pat before wandering off. She really wished she had flowers, feathers just weren't the same effect.

She wasn't sure what her next step was but by the Falls she was dressed and she was going to do -something- today. She decided maybe a trip to the Ogre's Head was in order. Maybe someone there would have more information, or if it all was for naught, she might see a friendly face and have a nice visit.

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