Drink Menu

The Tavern in Crocevia Fatuae
Drink Menu

~~House Drinks~~
(OOG: Water)
Elvin Wine
Red Wine
Honey Mede
Dwarven Ale
Clear Water

~~Specialty Drinks~~
(OOG: Player supplies phys-rep)
Cocoa (Hot Chocolate)
Mint Tea (Peppermint Tea)
Smith's Ale (Dr Pepper)
Fey wine (Sprite with pixie stick)
Dragon Blood Wine (cranberry-raspberry juice)
Wild Elf Cider (Apple Cider with cinnamon)
Dragon's Brew (Hot Cider with Tabasco)
Dwarven Chocolate Bean (Thick coffee with cocoa powder and brown marshmallows)
Drey Wine (Orange juice with black food coloring)
Flaming Chaos Cow (Milk with a drop of orange food-coloring)
Crunk (Rockstar)
Entropy wine with chaos imps (Red Jello with Gummy worms)
Life Water (Mountain Dew-Live Wire)
Dew (Mountain Dew)
Troll Spit (Pepsi or Coke)

~~Special Orders~~
If you desire a drink that is not listed above, please contact the Assistant Manager about special orders. Allow 2 to 6 weeks for delivery.

Please note: We do not serve any drinks that promote inhuman treatment of gypsies or any of the races.​
((written next to the words "Dragon Blood Wine"))

Please note that this is imitation Dragon Blood Wine. If you desire the actual drink, please place an order with the tavern keeper.