Dryad personalities?


Hi! I'm new to larp and planning to rp a dryad. I know the player guide and rules state a rough basis of what the typical dryad personality and disposition might look like but I'm wondering if anyone has any tips or is willing to chat about their own dryad character!
The world is a wonder. Life is easy going and patience is certainly the norm. Something are in need to be done right away but the mundane things of life can wait. Stop. Breath. Enjoy the moment. Dryads live a long time. They've seen things if they are old and for new/young Dryads they truly see the world as a vast and exciting place.

Metal certainly is gross to the touch but not enough where a handful of coins will cause pain. I've always played Platinum Coin as being the superior currency because Platinum came from the sky and not Fortanis. So all my gold has been converted to Plat.

Basically just have fun. Feel free to look and act out of place. Ride that feeling and own the room.
I made a dryad as my first character, too! Being a barkskin, I play her as incredibly patient and slow (because trees live so long and grow so slowly, she hates feeling rushed or hasty. Mayyyybe a little TreeBeard Tolkien inspiration there, haha.) I decided to have her first awaken from the Great Sleep just before her first event, so she was in awe of everything around her, very trusting and naive. She remains very trusting, always giving benefit of the doubt, always believing the best in people because she wants to promote harmony between the "modern world" and the "first forest" she remembers. She feels compelled to advocate for the forest and the good of the earth, because she recognizes her position in the modern world as a "Child of Autumn" gives her a connection to the forest that few others have, so she is pretty passionate in her advocacy for the good of the earth. She's a nerdy scientist/researcher/bookworm and very loving healer.

In short - slow, serious, sincere, scientific. Hehehe, I made a little alliteration for her.

Do you have any more specific questions? I love to chat about character development! What chapter(s) are you hoping to play? You may be able to find local race packets for other culture tips!
When building any new character, it is often helpful to ask questions through your character’s mindset:

What are you afraid of? Has that changed since you were younger? (It is a lot easier to design a personality or character by defining their weaknesses more than their strengths. Mainly because your immediate follow up is to ask “why”?)

How do you feel about magic? (Even as a non-spell casting character. Answering this question might give you a place to start when exploring the world of Fortannis.)

What does it mean to be a good person? (Season to taste with this one. you can ask 10 people and get 12 answers, but it is a great place to start when meeting other people)

Mike D
Alliance national staff