Dual Wield Claws in ARB 2.0


This question has already been answered here (https://alliancelarp.com/forum/threads/duel-wielding-and-claws.31595/#post-260760) but now with the ARB 2.0 changes I want to get some clarification.

Since Florentine in 2.0 now allows players to dual wield two short or small weapons, can Claws + Florentine be used to dual wield Claws? Or two purchases of Claws, + Florentine?

Further Edit: Upon further review of the original thread it looks like just one purchase of Claws and Florentine was sufficient to dual wield claws, but my request for clarification still stands. Not sure Florentine requires a "weapon skill" i.e. blades not claws.


Claws is by technicality a racial weapon skill and is treated as both for the purposes of prerequisites