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  • Come one, come all! Master Jorkahaath's finest crafted poisons available! I will be in Ardic this Saturday so don't miss out!
    «If I'd known I'd be doing this much travel by boat... *retches* We can't get to Calyx fast enough.» - Ilarion Earthdream
    «So a little birdy told me... like literally, a little birdy... that the Dragonfall Festival is still on!» - Ilarion Earthdream
    "Yeah so if all these Chaos Fae could get out of my grove, insert Lumbergh meme here." -- Grianadhmad
    "Hál, stay close. Sir Crow's feast is this wa... what are y-- HÁLAINNDÓCHAS GET THAT OUT OF YOUR MOUTH!" -- Grianadhmad of Ardic
    «If this varda is not ready in two ghurries I am going to highstep all the way to Springdale myself. (>_<)» - Ilarion Earthdream
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