Ducal Decree


By ducal decree,

The lands to the west of the Ceriopolis must be explored. It is imperative that the duchy define its western border as soon as possible. With the destruction of Silvermill and progression of the Savage Legion, the Tranquil Plains are currently destabilized.

The Duke is seeking adventures to serve as political ambassadors, protectors, scouts, tradesmen, scholars, and most importantly, exemplars of the Ceriopolis.

Any such volunteers from the adventuring community are invited to join myself and the conscripted Olanlari caravan as we travel to the west. The carvan will be leaving from the Ceriopolis the 19th day of this month.

The caravan and adventures will travel under the ducal banner and serve as representatives of his grace. As always, at all times remember that your actions represent the Ceriopolis, the Duke, and the all of the duchy.

-Magistrate Le’reshti
Hand of Duke Sumnus Aderica
Master of lands & holdings
Magistrate Le'reshti my name is Fargal Farcliff and I would be honored to join you and the Duke on your journey. I am the resident master blacksmith and it would be a privilege to travel and help explore the duchy's lands.

I look forward to helping you and the others explore.

Fargal Farcliff
Master blacksmith
Head of Ayun Arms and Armor
I would be honored to join you in this effort Magistrate.
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After the discovery of Silvermill I feel my skills could be put to good use. I am a master alchemist, archer, and would be honored to join the caravan.

As there have been multiple questions about the previous Ducal Decree, this event will NOT take place at the Ceriopolis. Instead PCs will start game having been travelling with an Olanlari caravan headed West towards Silvermill. As of this night, you are about halfway there. We will not be returning to the Ceriopolis over this weekend, so your PCs can act according to that information.