Ducal Edict: Unusual Alchemy License

May all be duly informed, at the beginning of the new year all alchemical solutions not created using the standard, recognized recipes are considered illegal to use or own within the Ducal Bastions without License. Only the following listed alchemical items are considered standard and allowed:

Alchemical Solvent Contact Gel
Antidote Elixir
Berserk Elixir
Cause Light Damage Elixir, Gas Globe
Cause Damage Elixir, Gas Globe
Cause Serious Damage Elixir, Gas Globe
Cure Light Damage Elixir
Death Elixir
Dominate Elixir, Gas Globe
Enslavement Antidote Elixir
Euphoria Antidote Elixir
Feeblemind Elixir, Gas Globe, Weapon Coating
Hallucinate Elixir
Intoxicate Elixir
Laugh Elixir, Gas, Weapon Coating
Liquid Light Contact Gel
Love Elixir
Nausea Elixir, Gas Globe, Weapon Coating
Oil of Slipperiness Contact Gel
Paralysis Elixir, Gas Globe
Paranoia Elixir, Gas Globe, Weapon Coating
Paste of Stickiness Contact Gel
Poison Shield Elixir
Quicksilver Contact Gel
Sleep Elixir, Gas Globe, Weapon Coating
Vertigo Elixir, Gas Globe, Weapon Coating
Vorpal Coating (Light) Weapon Coating
Vorpal Coating Weapon Coating
Vorpal Coating (Serious) Weapon Coating
Weakness Elixir, Gas Globe, Weapon Coating

Any alchemical substances not listed here must be brought to an appropriate noble authority upon identification. They must then either be turned over or registered. The registration process is not time consuming, but is mandatory to ensure that only people of duly recognized permission be using any unusual and potentially unpredictable substances. A License may only be obtained from a Licensor Alchemical. A Licensor Alchemical will be named for each Bastion within the Duchy Southkin. In Finn Castle this shall be Amnon F'Deiles. The duty of Licensor Alchemical for Chiram's Hollow will be assigned based on sponsored application. Any interested party must appear at the Ducal offices by the end of this month and be sponsored by two nobles who must be a knight, baron, seneschal or higher authority. Any such noble applying may count themselves as one of their own sponsors.

The punishment for unlicensed possession of any unusual alchemy is to be a fine of 2 gold per item confiscated for the first offense, increasing to 5 gold on a second offense. Further offenses will result in loss of resident privilege.

The punishment for unlicensed use of unusual alchemy is a fine of 10 gold per substance used on a first offense. Further offenses will result in one month's forced labor and loss of resident privilege.

These words shall be law upon the dawning of the first day of the new year.

-Francis Duke Southkin, Justicar of Finn Castle and Steward of Chiram's Hollow


Duke Southkin,
In light of your new laws on the unauthorized use of what you consider "unusual and potentially unpredictable substances." I Regret I must withdraw my offer of aid to the commoners and the Queen's forces within the Ducal Bastions. As every Sky Rider, soldier, and caravan driver I could sent forth to help ease the burdens and suffering of your people would be in violation of your laws.

As a question so there is no misunderstanding. Were would my more magically inclined counterparts go to seek authorization for the casting of ritual magics that may have unusual and potentially unpredictable results and/or consequences within your Bastion? Would that be the council of Barons or yourself?

Purelord Drenten.
Pure Lord,

You bring laughter to my belly!

You do not read the dreadfuls? Every soul across these lands, living and dead, knows that Duke Southkin loves the "unusual" magics, so much so that untested rituals still am safe enough to use in the home of a brother knight.

So long that these magics might kill, or just bruise, a mighty foe!

So be it, if deed speaks louder than ink, ALL unusual magics am legal in the Duchy of Southkin!

This is very good. My father whispers to me maaaaaany strange rituals.

Ria Sooden
Is Laugh elixir and gas also now considered "unusual"? I did not see it on the list. Perhaps I merely missed it. I always found Love elixir to be much more "unusual".

Laugh poisons were not intentionally left off the list. It has been amended.

I have communicated with Pure Lord Drenten about a possible amicable solution. I am awaiting his response.

-Francis Duke Southkin


Duke Southkin,
What about the purify, harm undead and destroy undead alchemical acids? I can't think of any way those can be dangerous to the citizens of Eire. They're some of the most potent weapons against the undead I've ever seen, and don't do anything bad to the living. I think they should be included on the list of approved varieties of alchemical substances. Also, if a substance gets registered, does that mean all others like it are considered okay to use? Say I found a cure light wounds gas and got it approved, and then found another one, would I have to get the second one registered, or would it be all right to hold onto it since it's the same kind as the one I got registered? Also, if I got something registered by the proper person, could I give it to someone else without breaking the law, or do they have to get it registered a second time after I give it to them? Also, can recipes for alchemy that someone feels should be added to the list of standard alchemical items be submitted for review? I think that would make the process a bit easier for everyone involved. Sorry for having so many questions, but I want to make sure that I don't accidentally break any rules, since accidental rule-breaking kind of ruins everyone's day.
Thank you,
Caillen Taggert, Sailor in Her Majesty's Navy
Boatsman Caillen,

I trust you will be able to work these matters out in the spring, and if you must be sponsored in order to carry these gifts, then I will proudly sponsor you.

Duke Southkin,

I am in the process of rebuilding Her Majesty's naval fleet. This will require a unified effort across the Bastions. I do not wish to worry about my sailors and soldiers having trouble with local laws that would restrict their capacity to trade, sell and defend themselves as they travel ashore. If at all possible, I would like you to consider a special license to carry such alchemical weapons for military and nobles. If you would be willing to discuss this idea with me I would greatly appreciate your time.

In trust,
Lord Admiral Galloway
Crown's Baron of Authenrai
I will be in the Hollow this weekend at the first gathering of the Spring. Has there been any word on this subject or who we are to see in order to obtain a license? Is it illegal to hold the newly titled "unusual" alchemy or just to use it? Please post some specifics in order for me to keep from breaking any new laws. Thank you.

Mistress of Alchemy
I would have expected the Licensors would have identified themselves, but it appears they were waiting upon me to proclaim them. Your Hollow's own squire Vry has been nominated and approved, as has Master Ivar Forkbeard.

Additionally, the Skyrider Constance Etton of Sadeen Moore will likely be given the task of overseeing those people who are in the Bastion but are citizens of her land. Her purview will be similar but entirely the same, and citizens of the Harvest Kingdom should not go to her for their own Licensing.

-Francis Duke Southkin


Duke Southkin,

If you see fit to bestow this duty upon me, I will accept. Sadeen Moore does not want her peace so quickly broken with Eire.

Sky Rider Etton
Sky Rider Etton, I have not yet concluded negotiations with the Pure Lords but barring a massive breakdown in the treaty process the designation of yourself as a constable abroad, with authority over Moorian citizens and soldiery within the Hollow and Finn Castle Bastions and responsible for ensuring their good behavior or aiding and observing justice against those without it. This is not official yet, but given that it is agreed upon by both sides it is all but certain. It is my hope that during the portal's opening due in a few short days the final details of the treaty can be set down and the laws will be clear and understood by all.

-Francis Duke Southin