Duke Francis Southkin


Let it be known that Duke Francis Southkin has permanently died and passed to the Graveyards. With the last of his will, Southkin created peace where others would use tools for civil war; the Sons of Thunder and Daughters of the Storm now fall under the command of Princess Arianne, whose use will be for further peace within the ruling bodies of our nation.

His will and determination for the betterment of his people will be remembered. There is no sacrifice of friendship or wealth or political bond that Duke Southkin would not make for the greater good of the Queen and her land. We will remember this as we progress toward darker times and hold it as our light as his spirit joins the many others who fought for our cause.

Hail the glorious dead.

Ria Sevaria of Goshawk
Heirophan of the Deadlands


I mourn for my Duke and for my friend.

Francis Southkin was a redeemed Human. The only that I have personally come across. The curse bestowed upon all others of his race had been permanently and fully lifted from him, as he had proven himself to the Elementals. I do not know what it was that he did to redeem himself, but I'm sure it was truly noble.

I have served under him as Guildmaster since he was first made Justicar of Finn Castle. In that time he has embodied a particular tenant of of Chivalry: "Thou Shalt make War Against Evil Without Cessation." This has, at times been a politically difficult mantle for him to bear. His public actions were often intended to attempt to remind the adventurers who our enemies were. His continued actions against Bjorn are just one example. His creation of Noble House Southkin, and our standing orders to attack and destroy all undead and necromantic creatures is another. Not everybody agreed with him, as his cautious nature made it difficult for many to trust him as he seemed cold. I can attest to you he cared deeply. He truly loved the land, and cared for Princess Arianne.

Had he not given his life as a Guardian of the Sun construct he would have likely someday been King of Eire. I would have been proud to serve and work with him at that time. The acts which he was able to live long enough to realize saved the kingdom from civil war, at a time when we most need to stand together united.

If any wish to truly honor him, strive to live to the principles he lived by.

The sun has set for Francis Southkin and my one wish is that he finally finds the Peace and Harmony in his death that he could never preside over in life.


Qiu Jun-Wu

Finn Castle Healer's Guild Master
House Southkin