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"Cato's Rocholm Experience" has been filled outside of the forums. The members are:
Arlyne, Warthorn, Nazrat, Elderon, Rovinder, Ruelia, Talon, Bota
Can I steal one of your healers? XD I don't know who else is attending and my run is down to me, sarryn and cantor who while great is fairly new.
Unfortunately, It may not work the best with Mar's team as there are some elements that would not favor teamwork. I have however joined another team.

Sarryn is a necromancer, after all!
Thistle has informed me she cannot make the dungeon run so I am now looking for a healer and some combat types to shore up my run

If it's an afternoon run (later 1 - 1:30 pm), Iso'bel may be available to be coaxed away from her cushy new home and semi-retirement.

Level 24 Scholar. No necromancy (...unless requested?).
I haven't been told yet what slot my run is in but I would love to have isobel along
Alright. I'm in, pending scheduling. (Ideally, 2 pm or later. I'm across town until noon, and bunny takes a good hour to put on.)
With scheduling, are there any other time requests? I have Aaron needing to be done before 6(ish), and Nichole needing after 2pm(ish)
Please note: Not everyone can run early! Each run is scheduled around 2 hours (unless we add another team) so that really limits us to when teams can play.
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