Dungeon Run Info

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Quick update/reiteration of what will be going on for the Dungeon Run.

1. This year there will be 4 teams for the Dungeon Run, but only 2 runs. So yes, two groups will be going at the same time. THIS DOES NOT MEAN IT WILL BE PVP.

2. The first two groups will be required to help with set up. The last two groups will need to help with tear down, but both will NOT be required to double hook. We have a lot of dedicated NPCs this season, and we will not need the extra manpower.

3. Between the runs, we will have an hour long break. So you guys can take time and relax, and our NPCs can take a break.

4. The upstairs will be available for those that want to be in game before or after their run. We will have things going on upstairs. Regardless of when your run is, you can come in to game as early as you would like.

5. I ask that if you are on the first run, please DO NOT spoil anything from your run to the next groups. I know everyone will want to talk about what happened and how fun it was, but please wait until the second run is going to do so. Spoilers suck.

6. Everyone doing the first run should be on site at 9- 9:30 to help set up. The run itself will start at 11, however you may go into game upstairs before your run as soon as set up is complete and rp. The second run will start at 4pm. Again, you may show up before that and be in game upstairs. The whole event will be over around 9pm, and we will start packing up.

You will need to form teams of 6. If we start getting too many people for 4 runs, we will allow an extra person per group. We need teams to be submitted by February 7th. If there are people who still need teams at this time, we will assign them to groups.
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