Earth Guild Policies

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This is a truncated list of the policies currently posted in the Earth Guild. The information provided herein deals with the town, whereas the information left out deals primarily with internal guild matters (such as how ranks are achieved).

Services provided by the Earth guild to the town of Crocevia Fatuae are as follows:

Services available at no cost to the town include:
-Midwife services
-Protection from undead and other threats
-Grief counseling
-Purification from disease and pestilence

In addition to these, the Whispering Wind ritual and Ritual of Woe may be performed at no cost provided the situation is dire.

Services that are provided to the town at a fee include:
-The sale of potions. The guild sale price for potions will be posted within the guild hall itself as well as the current available stock for sale.
-The sale of components and Formal Scrolls that the guild has in abundance. Prices for these may vary, depending on the current market value.
-Creating magic items. Again, the fee for this service is variable, as it depends on the extent and difficulty of the item being created, whether all of the supplies have been supplied to the guild for the casting, and how urgently the item is needed.
-Time in the circle for casting rituals, the rate of which is one gold piece for every ten minutes.

Personages of note within the local chapter houses:

Potion Master - Vossun Coldsky
Sentinel - Perrin Ap-Mowabb MacGhille Eoine, main circle
- Nikos Sonus, southern circle
Nocturne - Razael'Sahkar
Brujo - Currently unfilled
Guild Mistress - Diera Maxondaerth-Turak

The titles above denote the area of expertise of the individual. The individual should be addressed by their appointed title, or the honorific Nobile or Nobila.

Miscellaneous policies:

-All scrolls to be cast within the circle must be reviewed by a member of Erudito or Empirico rank. Any scroll that has the backlash possibility of affecting the circles' longevity or investitures MUST be approved by the Guild Mistress.
-Any time a guild healer is requested for a frivolous adventure and one who is wholly willing cannot be obtained, the services of a guild healer may be purchased. Cost will vary based on the rank and skill of the guild member requested.

If you have any questions, please direct them to me via a private missive. Thank you.
I have been asked what qualifies as a "frivolous adventure". If someone finds a cave and wishes to explore it because it's there, wants to follow a treasure map, or decides to amuse themselves with some angry beachcombers, they are off on a frivolous adventure. Please keep in mind that these are only examples and I highly caution against angering beachcombers.

If it is later discovered that an adventure that appeared frivolous was in fact necessary to the town's survival, the persons hiring guild services will be reimbursed the hiring fee.

I have also been asked about hiring rates. The basic hiring rate for a guild member will be the individual's daily pay rate per hour. Therefore, it is more expensive to hire out the Nocturne than to hire out a journeyman. Please keep in mind that this is the basic rate. Depending on situations in town and chance of lasting injury to the healer, the rate may increase.

Lastly, yes, the guild is accepting applications for membership.
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