Earthweaver Enclave: Isawda and Ithawda's Room

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Folding over the parchment, Isawda carefully dripped wax and pressed his thumb in as a seal. He could not help a grin as he thought how his father might react to that. He would recognize it as his sons, but probably grimace at something so crude. Nothing less than a full and formal signet ring would ever do for the full blood head of house of Highridge!

Hopefully he would see past that crudity and respond favorably to the request. Since Isawda had kept his word to remain in other lands, certainly his father could respond with any information he could provide on the sword that was pictured and described within. His pride in his pure Biata blood made Baroon a fanatic about the history of that blood. With that information, perhaps the Ironroot group would be able to act quickly to more forward with their quest of many parts...
Sitting at this desk, Isawda opened his spell book, began to study. Stretching his mind to hold more prepared spells was not an instant or easy process. But it was need to balance the time he was invested in learning the layers of formal magic. (OOG Yes Isawda is in his room! <grin>)
Raising her hand to the door before her, Morrigan knocks and says "Isawda lad are ye in?"
Opening the door with a smile, Isawda responds "I am in fact. And for you the door in never barred." Stepping aside he offer her entrance to the painfully tidy room, with a waive of his hand. "Will you come in a moment, or are there too many charges on your time this day?"
"I've time for a visit. Thank ye." Entering the room Morrigan sits down on one of the available chairs. "I needed to talk to ye about a couple of things if ye have the time."
"Most of my time recently has been spend thinking and researching the distant past." His smile is a little wry as he admits. "They have yet to bear much fruit, and already so old that little more time passing is of no consequence. My time is yours."

Settling into the other chair, he turns it to face Morrigan directly. "What is it that has brought you to seek me out this day?"
"Ack and me as well, what with the goings on in the ruins we've been explorin. In fact that is what I need ta speak ta ya aboot."

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Standing in the door of his room, Isawda handed over a stack of short messages to the waiting page. Its content was a simple request for aide in dealing with the Duregar stone that now trapped that people as a result of a tainted catalyst. Hopefully those of the Iron Brotherhood, the Earth Circle, and the Ironroot would answer the call. If they were not already called to other tasks.
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