Earthweavers Stables

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"Hello, may I help you" a young girl with a rake full of hay in her hands says, looking at him.
"Oh, well all ours are spoken for I believe. But there are a couple stables down in the marketplace that you would be able to purchase if you wish." she smiles at him.
The young girl smiles again "Well, I know of a nice lady down near the blacksmiths shop, her name is Donna. Her dad breeds the horses on their farm then brings them into the city so she can sell them, she also boards visitors horses in her stables as well. She has lovely animals, well broke and at reasonable prices too."
At the sound of a horse approaching the girl comes out the grain store room. Seeing the Earthweaver gentlemen from earlier she smiles. "Oh he is a beauty! Did you get him from Donna?" she asks as she approaches and pets the big horses nose.
"Yes thanks for the tip. I was luck she had such a good horse available. By the way may name is Fredrick, I am a keeper from Parson breach. What is you name?"
"I'm Rebecca, its nice to meet you Fredrick. So as an Earthweaver you can stable your horse here for the evening if you need, or will you be heading out right away?"
"Nice to meet you Rebecca, I will be headed out right away I just have to run and get my things for the trip. Can you make sure Blaze here is kept ready to go I should not be long. Also for the good tip."
Fredrick gives Rebecca a silver piece.
"I should not be long"

Fredrick quickly goes and gets his tings from his quarters and get previsions for him self for 5 days of travel and heads back to the stables

Coming back to the stables Fredrick finds blaze and Rebecca and starts packing all his stuff on blaze.

"Rebecca I have a 3 day trip ahead but I want to take previsions for 5 days. Do you have what I need to take for Blaze here?"
"Oh yes! Let me pack you a few days worth of grain." she rushes into the grain room and comes back out with a small bag of grain. Stuffing the grain into Blaze's saddlebags, she moves to Blazes's head so she can hold him steady for Fredrick to mount up. "I hope you have a good trip" she says.
"Thanks Rebecca, I am sure we will meet again. Have a good night"

And with that Fredrick begins his ride to Faybridge
After a three day ride Fredrick arrives at the earth weavers.

"Hello is there any one here I need to put my horse up for a few days."
A familiar face comes skipping out of the tack room, Rebecca smiles at Fredrick and Blaze and says "Welcome back!!!" Pausing, she tilts her head sideways and moves closer to Blaze looking intently at him "Geez, you must have ridden through every puddle and dust bowl you could find on the way here, he sure is dirty! But no worries, I'll get him cleaned up and settled into a stall for a rest in no time!" She grins again and pats Blaze on the neck. "How long will you be in town for?"
"I would think at lest a week. I have this baby to drop off. It was found in the woods at parsons Breach all alone. I also have other things needing to be done. I should not be too much longer. Then back to the breach I would think. You don't know of a good alchemic shop in town. I need to get some things for a potion as well while I am here your tip on the horse dealer was spot on do you know of one?"
"Nope, don't know about any shops, but there is lots in the market place I don't get to see. I mostly get sent to Donna's for new mounts for the guild and supplies for the horses. All the crowds of people scare me, so I don't hang about much." Rebecca begins to undo Blazes' tack as she finishes speaking, tugging hard on the straps and buckles until everything is loosened and then reaching up she tugs on the saddle blanket, shifting the blanket and saddle towards her tiny frame. After a few tugs the saddle slides down the side of the large horse and onto the girl, filling her arms and covering her face completely. She turns towards the tack room and begins walking, counting can be heard muffled by the gear she carries and you realize she is counting her steps to the tack room so she knows how to get there because she can't see where she is going. Blaze sighs and gives his whole body a good shake, sending a dust cloud into the air.
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