Easiest Tunic EVER


Great on a budget, great for short-notice, great if you cant sew, great for kids...really this way of going about it produces pretty darn good results for what it is. The original idea is actually from a Link Cosplay video I found and I basically just used it as a springboard. Its on a female dressform right now but this method is actually totally unisex- belted or unbelted.


(Color is a light oatmeal and dark olive grey-green if you cant quite tell from the photo)

I made this in 45 minutes. If anybody hears someone say 'Oh I cant get a costume together in time' for a larp...hit them.

This is made from 2 Tshirts I picked up this-morning. I lopped off all of the finished hems, cut one so it had shorter sleeves and hem than the one under it, took the hems, stretched them out , used them to tie the waist. Used a little embroidery thread to finish the neck and stitch the two neck-holes together to give that "collar" some substance and a nice two-tone look when the flaps pop out.

-2 Tshirts a couple sizes bigger than who the thing is for (the one on the outside needs to have no prints on it or pockets)
-2 yards of embroidery thread (to stitch the two collars together and give the neckhole substance.
-Also scissors and an embroidery needle (big big needle)

Total cost: about 6$


I've seen things like this before but I think this is the best implementation I've come across. It looks great, and without specifically looking for it I don't think I would have known it was made from t-shirts.


Super easy first costume piece! Especially since jersey knit doesn't NEED to be hemmed.

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The double-layering looks fantastic, and this shows that even just single-layer tunics made from cut up shirts can make for pretty good base layer costuming for NPC commoner roles. Way cool. :)


Minimal sewing involved... You could take a t shirt, cut the bottom off right near the armpits. Cut sides and sleeves off (should leave a rectangle with the neck hole in it.) Restyle neck hole as above. Cut a square or quarter circle shape out of the bottom half that was cut off, leaving the hem on. Stitch two adjacent sides, leaving hem as one of the two open sides. (You only have to stitch one if you leave the original seem as one of the sides!) Stitch last unfinished edge to neck hole.

That should create a fast and easy mantle/hood piece.
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I like this idea. Someday I'll finish my current bedsheet tunic and post it. I've gotten good at those, but they require some sewing.


Made a couple of these and wore them this weekend. Fantastic.