Effects of Hearth Glen and the battle for the Mantle.


Good afternoon friends: I would like to take the time to give a warning to us adventurers. I am a merchant who travels the mist quite frequently. But whenever I am in Hearth Glen my flaws are amplified by the battle for the mantle. My greed becomes overwhelming, as does my desires for creature comforts and the desire to create. I have theorized that as we try to influence the mantles, the mantles are having subtle influences on ourselves. It is readily apparent that I am under the influence of the mantles of civilization and artifice. As I travel from Hearth Glen to Sanctuary my mind is clearer and I am able to make this connection. I then ask you to search your own souls and determine how the battle for the mantle is influencing you and your actions. As adventurers I feel we can rise above our own limitations once we recognize and acknowledge how Hearth Glen may be influencing us. Just take the time to reflect. Thank you my friends and until the next time we meet: v/r: Heinricht Hammer-Forged.
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It’s good to hear from you, though your news is concerning. I haven’t detected any noticeable changes to myself, but I’d rather not leave anything to chance. I might visit you in Sanctuary in the coming days to talk and see if we can pin down a way of limiting this influence. Albeit briefly, considering Cathrine’s education is going to take constant attention.

Good luck, and don’t die.