norman b

It is time to select a new Reeve and Magistrate. Elections will be held in the Tavern on February 24 around mid day. Please note you must be a citizen of Sedovia if you would like to run for either position.

~Royal Census Office


IG: Who do I need to talk with to become a citizen?
OOG: Can this be done in downtimes?

norman b

IG: please speak with any of the Silver Blades. I believe they have taken the responsibility of administering the test.

OOG: No, there is a physical IG test to take.

Krystina F


If you talk with Pachow she should be able to proctor the exam for you. I believe she is the one that is handling them for the Silverblades now.


Ms. Hava, Ole is correct. I have been tasked with proctoring the citizenship test. There is a 1 gold fee for the test. I also have a study guide for the test that I can provide you with. Perhaps, if there are interested parties, I could give a small class Friday evening. If anyone is interested in this, please let me know. Also for those that are wishing to take the citizenship test, please let me know so that I can be sure to have enough copies of the test available.

Does anyone recall if you are required to be a citizen to vote in the elections? I don’t have it in my notes as at the time of the previous election I didn’t have notes, because I was not yet able to read.

Krystina F

Pachow, If I recall the last election correctly, you got double votes as a citizen, and were given a complementary vote as a non-citizen. As I remember voting as a non-citizen in the last election. But since we are in war time I do not if the same courtesy will be extended.


Friend Pachow,

I would be interested in taking the citizenship test Friday night. Thank you for assisting in administering the tests.



I wish it to be known that despite my husband's misgivings I will be running for the position of Magistrate. As a long time resident of Foxbridge, and a citizen of... well... standing, if not good standing *chuckles*, I understand how things work in Sedovia very well. I am preparing to speak with people in the upcoming days and answer hypothetical cases so as to demonstrate my competence.

-Hawthorn Hart