'elp Won-ed n needed.

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  1. Grimshaw

    Grimshaw Newbie

    Fellow Adventure-urs....ers.......Me Friends,

    As ya may or may nots know, wit da departure of Miss Cyn froms our lands came the closing ov Forgotten Hopes outer two fa-silly-tees. Under witch I's had to combines all the chil-ren unders one roof in Arbor at de newly renamed Harvus' Hope, less d'ey be turned out into da streets to fen fer dem selves. So wit da effects of da bliss, and da war, well nows me barracks ar over flowin wit little-uns. I's 'ired some new 'ands to 'elp care fer um. but w'at d'eys need is proper 'omes. Dis is w'ere I's ask if anys of you may 'ave extra time or just looking for some spare coin, to 'elp find 'omes fer da more den 250 little-uns.

    Agains dis is a spare time kinda ov task, witch we cans dicuss at yer lea-sure.

    I's can be reached fru da dreamin or at market next.

    I fanks ya in advance.
    Yer friend
    Grimshaw Harvus
    Director Of Harvus' Hope, Arbor

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    <ogg. This is a RP only thing. and does not promise hooks of any kind. If no one is obliged, (I will not be offened) and will simply hire an NPC for the task. There may be some coin involved but I'd need to check with plot as the expenses of HH are handled by the Kingdom of Wayside.>
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  2. Ladeon

    Ladeon Newbie

    I'd be more then willing to help! Not only help find homes for the little ones, but if there are older ones looking for or capable of work I'd love to take a few on to help me at my farm! I love kits and they all deserve good homes. Let me know how I can help.

  3. Kitaruen

    Kitaruen Fighter Owner Chicago Staff

    Grimshaw do your best to organize the new Harvus's Hope and then come speak to me before the winter ends.

    Royal Planner and Accounts
  4. Grimshaw

    Grimshaw Newbie

    Mister Nelson,
    I've 'ad da big shingle out front, pulled down n taken to a local woodwright. He's changin' da sign as we speaks.
    I gots some ov me little-un goin' round Arbor pullin' down anys bills dat were posted. I've also 'ad a order placed wit a scribe fer new letter head.
    Just needs to finds me an artist to discuss a new herald. I'll contact you's as soon as we've got squared.

    Miss Cresent,
    yer 'elp would be's greatly appreciated. As fer workin on yer farm, you ain't still raising dem fire ants is ya?

  5. Ladeon

    Ladeon Newbie

    Oh, the Aether ants come and go as they please. But I assure you there's been no incident of unagravated attacks. If you don't hit them they won't hit you. They pose no danger to the children, or anyone but elementals for that matter.

  6. Darkcrescent

    Darkcrescent Knight Marshal

    Be it wagons, carriages or by boat I'll gladly cover any transportation needs from Arbor. I also have a few positions for cabin boys open if any of the older ones are looking for work as well.

  7. Gandian Ravenscroft

    Gandian Ravenscroft Knight Marshal

    Hi Grimshaw!

    The Plateau isn't really a great place for orphans (the Elephantkin aren't exactly gentle with children, especially outsider children, and it's not really super safe in the area anyway), so I don't think it'd be a good idea for me to offer to bring some there... BUT, I do have somethin' useful to offer: A while back, I helped start the Roots Express Courier Service for Wayside, which uses Dryads usin' the root networks to carry messages quickly around the country! If you'd like, I can talk with Amir Fleece (the Dryad we put in charge of the network) about seein' about spreadin' the word about this for you! Just let me know what message you want spread, and we can get it across Wayside!

    ~ Silp
  8. Grimshaw

    Grimshaw Newbie

    Lord Silp,

    Harvus' Hope is lookin fer is 'omes fer many an orphan child.
    The Hope is lookin' fer folks w'o can't 'ave little-un of dier own,
    The Hope is lookin' fer folks w'ove lost little-uns,
    Mos'ly The Hope is lookin fer folks w'o wish ta shares da warmth ov a lovin' 'ome.
    If'n dis be you, contacts da offices of Harvus' Hope, Arbor

    Dat's me message. and fank ya much, me Lord.

    Mr. Binks,
    Yer offer is jen-er-us. I's will keeps it in mind, w'en inter-viewin' can-a-dates.

    Miss Cresent an Mr. Binks,
    As fer cabin boy or farm hand work I fink I mays 'ave one er two dat 'ave expressed n interst in da seas or a returns to da fields.
    Let's me fink it over, As I's not lookin' to hire out labor as much as I am lookin fer new parents. Hope ya understand.

  9. Ladeon

    Ladeon Newbie

    I understand your preference in placing the children in homes, but with a number as large as you're dealing with it's unlikely that you'll find homes for them all, unfortunately. The next best option is an apprenticeship, where they can learn trades and one day be able to support their own households. So if it comes to that, I hope you'll come to people you know and trust not misuse the children, like Binks or myself.

  10. Lurin

    Lurin Count Chicago Staff


    I'd talk to the orphans and find the ones that are either the craziest or have the most tragic backstories. These children are bound to become adventurers anyway, at least from my understanding after talking with many of them, and what better coming of age story could there be than "I was raised on a pirat...er honest trading vessel, or I was raised feeding the elemental eating ants in the wilds of the north?'

    At any rate, I don't want any so I guess that doesn't really help, but I wish you well in your effort!

    -Kalith Toovir
  11. Darkcrescent

    Darkcrescent Knight Marshal

    Woah, zhere is no pirating in Zhe Vineasy Trading Company. Simple honest trading.

    A simple trader,
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  12. Joseph Smith

    Joseph Smith Newbie


    In the spirit of providing the kind of support Avacyn once offered these lands, I can commit to building homes for these orphans. I can build these homes myself, though in the spirit of timeliness, I will likely employ more tradesmen. I agree that picking up a trade is much better than being used as fodder for dangerous farm work or "honest trading" in privateer/cargo vessels. This will cost you nothing.

    -Joseph Smith
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  13. Darkcrescent

    Darkcrescent Knight Marshal

    Fodder? Fodder! What, do you think I tie a rope on them and throw zhem into zhe ocean?

    Im not a slaver here; I pay for honest work. I grew up on a ship and Ive met many a fine people while traveling with The Iron Crows group over the years. Many hard working farmers, many hardworking sailors. But fodder. They are not.

    A simple merchant (not of children),
  14. Ladeon

    Ladeon Newbie

    I, too, am a bit surprised by the sentiment you're expressing, Joseph, as well as a bit saddened. I thought there was more understanding and trust between us, at least enough for you to know that I would never put a kit in harms way. I just thought it would be good for the children to learn trades such as farming, cooking, house keeping, and even celestial magic if they show interest. I've already hosted many refugees from the Northlunds making their way south and they seemed to find my farm safe and comforting. We haven't had any negative incidents with the ants and they seem to react quite calmly to people, as I've stated previously, or I never would have made the offer.

  15. Joseph Smith

    Joseph Smith Newbie

    I trust that you would never want to be seen as putting a "kit" in danger. You are, however, raising a crew of creatures that eat elementals using an experimental pheromone you do not fully comprehend. No amount of assurances will make me feel as though this is an endeavor to include children in, as safe as you may believe it to be. The fact that you feel attacked by this logic sort of proves my point. Separately, I seem to remember something about the "ants" ripping through to an elemental plane in search of food. As you become aware of the dangers/capabilities of these creatures, you will no doubt employ countermeasures. Can you honestly say you completely understand those abilities and can keep unskilled children from harm? I've had children. They get into everything. I don't have children anymore.

    You like implying you're a pirate. You do it too often to not like the implication. Maybe it's true, maybe it isn't. I'll have work you could do either way. But, if you ARE a pirate, I can't risk Avacyn's orphans turning pirate after all her hard work. And asking you blatantly won't work, as you've shown me outright distrust on several occasions. I do trust you'll teach them a trade, I just don't know what that trade might be.

    You folks can continue to take offense, or you can work with me. I'd prefer it if we could work together. But rest assured, I'll not turn a blind eye to adventurers' sociopathic tendencies when it comes to children. They represent too much potential for a future where we can be obsolete, which should be our ultimate goal as adventurers.

    -Joseph Smith
    Guild Leader, Merchant's Guild of Fairfax
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  16. Darkcrescent

    Darkcrescent Knight Marshal

    Piracy is a crime. I have never claimed such. Do not place such charges when you know nothing. Having a hat is not a crime.

  17. Joseph Smith

    Joseph Smith Newbie


    If I charge you with something, there will be no disambiguaty. Can we turn our attention back to the children now?

    -Joseph Smith
    Guild Leader, Merchant's Guild of Fairfax
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  18. Pokethulu

    Pokethulu Templar

    Hello Grimshaw,

    I have room at Argo's Rest to take in some of the orphans. If you would please send me a pigeon, we can discuss privately.

    Lady FallingStar

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