[.11] Empowered Strike vs Enchanced strike?

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  1. Tantarus

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    Empowered Strike is limited by number of weapon profs, but Enhanced Strike (the Adept version) is limited by TWICE the Backstabs. Seems a bit unfair to Spellswords. I wonder why the discrepancy is so large?

    This makes it really hard for Spellswords to ever have the ability use 9th level spellstrikes, requiring over 210 build in profs alone, while it is super easy for adepts to get them or only 90 build worth of backstabs.

    Very few templars will every be able to empowered Strike a 9th, while almost every Adept will at moderate levels.
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  2. Ruki

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    Adepts have to do it from behind. Half of the target is removed, so double the bonus.
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  3. Tantarus

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    I would argue only needing 90 build in prereqs vs 216 build in prereqs is more then double the bonus.
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  4. Alavatar

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    Yeah, but ... 216 XP vs. 90 XP is a significant disparity between reaching the maximum benefit. On paper, I feel it would be more fair for Empowered Strike to at least be limited to spells equal to or less than Weapon Profs +1. Then it is 180XP (8 Weapon Profs) to 90XP (5 Backstabs).
  5. Ruki

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    I like this!
  6. Feldor

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    ( I'd been about to start a new thread on this; when I thought to search and found this one. )

    These skills should be changed not to scale off of Weapon Proficiencies and Backstabs, but instead to scale off of points in Martial Skills and Stealth Skills. This is the only skill that is still gated on Profs/Backstabs, so it seems awkward that it is using the 1.3 scaling system in 2.0. If you wanted to maintain the doubled scaling, you could make it so that you can use 1 spell level for each 10 points of stealth skills or 20 points of martial skills, +3 spell levels if its necromancy.

    Separately, tt seems awkward to me the extreme difference in prereqs. Most of the stealth abilities double the effect of a fighter skill of roughly the same cost, but scale at the same rate as the fighter skills. It seems weird to me that "spell strike prison" is 126 build harder for a spellsword than an adept. I'm not sure what the correct scaling here is, but using this skill on a 9th list spell as a spellsword is solidly in the running for skill with the most expensive prereq's...
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