Encounters with Outsiders.


I am not generally one to be overly cautious in the pursuit of knowledge, which you may believe of me from our acquaintance, so I hope that you appreciate what it means for me to advise that this is likely a wider net and a brighter beacon than should be used regarding these matters. It is one thing to announce your research to waking ears in the hall, but to cry into the dreaming like this is to invite a range of responses that may become distasteful. It is something like the distinction between compiling research, and leaving that research on the hall table for everyone to read as they pass. You will soon have an opportunity to speak to a range of adventurers as we gather in the Maelstrom. I would suggest you make quiet, more personal inquiries until then.

These things you speak of lie dreaming.


Squire Vellis Valeriana Tsalarioth, Psychopompos, of House Phoenix
Guildmember of the New Leaf Academy of Ceriopolis
Earthen Journeyman of the Earthen Eye Magisterium of the Aquilix of the Odekrag
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