Enerret Day Game June 15


San Francisco Staff
Hello everyone! Due to Fire Department training exercises taking place at Stulsaft Park, we are moving this event to a new location.

Date: Saturday, June 15
Time: Logistics opens 10AM, game on at 11AM
  • Pre-registration: $30
  • With late fee for no pre-registration: $40
Location: Cuesta Park, Mountain View
Campaign: Enerret

Please pre-register here: https://alliancedb.herokuapp.com/events/160

Check out the event teaser here: https://alliancelarp.com/forum/threads/into-the-cursed-black-sands-enerret-game-day-teaser.39950/

We will be playing in the southern side of the park, across the street from the El Camino YMCA. We're aiming for the right side of the off-leash dog area. But, since it's first come first served, we may end up elsewhere. We'll post on Facebook if we move, so please check there if you can't find us.

Parrott will be arriving early to stake out a spot for us. He'd love a few more people to join so that we can claim a larger area. If you are able to help out, please let him know. There's coffee and gobbies in it for you!

There are unfortunately no picnic tables in the area, so if you would like tables and chairs, please bring your own. Picnic blankets are another good option.

Please note that the YMCA parking lot is not available for public parking. I don't know if they tow or ticket, but best not to risk it, and to be kind to our neighbors.