Enerret Epilogue Oct 18-20 -- Site Information, Pre-Reg and More


San Francisco Staff
Our Enerret epilogue weekend event is fast approaching!

Pre-register here.
See the event teaser here.

• Pre-registration: $75
• With late fee for no pre-reg: $100
Pre-payments can be sent via PayPal to PayPal@alliancesf.net.

This event will be held at Ed R. Levin County Park in Milpitas. We'll be using the Youth Area Campground. I'll be filling in the details of the site as I receive them from Ron in the next day or two, but I'm expecting the facilities to be similar to the campground we've used at Joseph Grant Park -- tent camping and camp style cooking.

For this event, Plot is going to be asking us for some double hooking. The event will feature two teams moving simultaneously on different objectives, but we'll be running them consecutively. (A similar setup to the way the Maelstrom team ran the three-pronged Dreameater event, for those of you who were there.) While double hooking is not required, it will really help us make these encounters exciting, and we would very much appreciate your willingness to help out.
More site details:

Ed Levin Park, Youth Group Camp Area (3100 Calaveras Road, Milpitas California )


3100 Calaveras Road

Milpitas , CA

See map: Google Maps


Take your best route to Highway 680.

Take the E. Calaveras Boulevard Exit.

Head east up into the hills.

Right at the Y-intersection.

The site will be on your left. Watch for SCA signs along the road.


Can start arriving at 3:30pm Friday.

There is no full bathroom facility, only porta-potties, but there is water to brush teeth and wash hands.

There is an ampitheatre and supposedly firepits.

We will have generator for power.

NPC’s will be provided food.


Expect similar camping as if we were going to Joseph D Grant.

Plan for the weather.