Enerret Faire Day Event 7/23/17 NEW DATE!!!


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Hello everyone,

We are excited to announce, for the first time in a long time, a new Enerret Day Event. The event will be on 7/23/17. Please not the date has changed. This will be a faire day event so be sure to try to come early as Hard lay-on is at 11.

Also please note as this is a day event there will be no meal plan, so be sure to pack a lunch and plenty of water as most faire day events wrap up around sundown.

This faire day will be as important and plot relevant as a full weekend event. So we ask that you please treat it as such.

Location: Stulstaf Park in Redwood City

Price: $15 Special

Please use the pre-registration form located here to register for the event.


Writers will be ready to run the game by 11AM. If you have any questions you wish to speak to a writer about in private, come between 10AM and 11AM and a writer will be available. After 11AM, writer availability for private discussions will be highly variable.

Hope to see you at the event!

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What does $15 special mean?


Please note we enter and play near the Recreation Drive enterance, not the Farm Hill Blvd one. You can map it from 1339 Recreation Way, Redwood City.