Enerret May 15th-17th Miles to go before I sleep - Favorite Moments & Event Review


Hey All!

I know we're all supposed to be recovering from our awesome weekend, but I can't sleep! So I guess that means Favorite Moments and Review Post it is!

Please Tell us about your weekend! What were your fav moments from this event? What kind of misadventure did you enjoy? Who got the best laughs? Who pulled the most tears? Had some epic moments or just want to share the things you loved most about game? Please ease Share all the fun here!

We've only got 4 weeks until our next game, so the more you put in now, the more we'll have ready for you with your reviews for the next chapter!

Also tell the Crew about your weekend on our event review!
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Probably the most memorable (and the most repeated) conversation of the first and second day. Poor poor Fresh Meat. Also, where can we find the pictures of the event? I'd love to take a look at them!

"What's Rule 1?"
"Communication. It's broken down into two parts, speaking clearly and precisely, and listening."
"Rule 2?"
"Situation awareness. It means knowing where your allies are, where your enemies are, and where are your escape routes."
"Rule 3?"
*blank stare* "Rule 6?"
"... pay attention."
"Rule 0?"
"Die loudly."




Dying loudly, The most important rule of all. ^_^
Right, posting favorite moments!

-The spiders surrounding me and petting me with their claws while I was talking to them outside the tavern
-Whoever the PC was behind me who muttered "That's... a little disturbing."
-Getting asked where Krieger was every 5 seconds Friday night and Saturday morning.
-The buildup to The Mother made me expect her to just be a large spider, that was... most certainly not what she was.
-Leaving perfect spider boyfriends because I'm a squire and cannot stay ;;;_;;;
-Zav's (Ryan) reaction to the dark place was very cool, and that whole mod was a lot of fun- I enjoy proper 'live in your armor' wave battles.
-Running all the way from behind the tavern to the baseball field with Krieger and Shin to stop Ashlin... not a good decision when my cold had started seriously going (there was some serious wheezing involved).
-That one Wayfarer guy with his horn... Every time we jump up to go help him... every time he's just drunk.

And of course, most importantly,
-Social ritual cannibalism.

Now back to bed with me! *atchoo*
My favorite parts in no particular order:
-The entire group of newbies (myself included) being called "Fresh Meat" was funny. I hear we have graduated to the Filet status: lightly seared but still young.
-finding the acid weapon coatings in just the nick of time for taking care of the golems
-Becoming an official member of the Sun Roses (Thanks, Ther!)
-multiple PC'S dragging me out of harms way multiple times, such as that from one undead that dragged me off and the from the Tenebrous that would have killed me if no one arrived at the very last second (Thank you, whoever interrupted the killing blow, I owe you a favor.)
-managing to earn more than a "platinum" (teehee) on my first weekend
-meeting all of these wonderful people in person!

Sadly, I cannot return until October. :(


"HOW THE HECK DOES CELESTIAL MAGIC WORK?! THIS IS...oh wait...its like playing Aislynn...but with offensive spells that work on more than just undead...I can do this"

Having to take my sword and put it literally behind my back for the event so I didn't accidentally draw it. Stupid motorcycle accident.

Medforged Tiktik "No crap, dere I was training wit' Sifu Kainan in duh middle of a tousan' tiny lakes when BAM! Struck by lightning. Now I don' know how to use a sword to stab kidneys no more. But prisons! I have prisons!"

Tiktik shenanigans with Pan Da and Kainan.
Riding a golem piggyback.
Bacon breakfast (it's for champions!)
Shoving my fingers on Isaac's cheeks to get him to awkwardly smile.
"Shin always has grumpy face because of his dead girlfriend." "I can hear you y'know." "Yah yah, but at least you know I say it to your face too."
"I tink you should punch your mom square in the face. Dat may show her you no' fragile."
Krieger laughing and smiling and muttering to himself, and Tiktik being like "Dat guy am creepy weiiiiiiiird. I gonna be ovah here. Behind Sifu Kainan. Way, way behind."
"Can you do me a favor, can you just say, "Dat am total crap?" "I can. Dat am TOTAL crap" "Now say necromancy bad." "Necromancy bad! " "Now say, on tusk talk.." "Look, if you gonna make fun of my accent, dat am supah racist.."

"Does dat mean if you do sometin' else, he gonna put you over his knee and paddle you again?"

And finally:
"Enter, Child." Poor Jody >.<.
Thank you SF for letting me kick off the National event in your backyard. :) Here's to your next event!

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"Don't worry, I got this." "You got this?" <hit hit "no effect no effect"> "I guess he got this"
Shin: "Tulbor, what are you doing?!" Me: "HEY! The amount of times I see all you people doing stupid **** and don't say anything? I want to figure this thing out!"
Kjeld getting brought back up after being knocked out in saturday night battle, as he's going back towards the fight. "I need to fix armor!" Me: "Sit!" <after reset> Kjeld: "Totally worth the cost of cobbler"
As I'm stalking after one of the NPCs, Kjeld goes running past me and yells, which causes the NPC to run. Me: "Oh, so not chasing after the angry barbarian!"
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Walking off to talk to someone about something with Dame Ashlyn..

Ashlyn "We should try talking to them before we attack. They might give us what we want."

Marcus "Like that ever works" *Rolls eyes*

Ashlyn "Dame Raven always said that you should use your words before your weapons" *smiles*

Marcus "Raven said that?"

Ashyln *nods* "Yes, it was a few months before she was Knighted"

Marcus "Is this the same Raven who's favorite word is Dragons Breath?"