Entering the Sanctum

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Evo enters the Sanctum, and instructs the staff to inform Lord Az'Caine of his arrival. He rests, and writes, until the archmage is ready.
Jinn enters the sanctum behind Evo, waiting quietly off to the side.
The attendant looks up from her work and smiles at Magi Evo. "Welcome home Magus. We will inform the ArchMage of your arrival with all due haste. Please, retire to your quarters in the South Spire. A runner will come get you when the ArchMage is in and can see you." She nods to Jinn and has a quizzical look on her face as if waiting for him to address her.
Evo invites Jinn to join him in the south spire, and departs to rest.
Jinn nods to the attendant, not in the mood for words. He follows Evo in the south spire and looks around for a fireplace to retire next to. Finding one he pulls a comfortable arm chair closer, and after throwing a few logs on the fire to build it up, he sits and trys to relax. After a few moments he pulls a book from his bag and begins to read, obviously not going to sleep any time soon.
An attendant knocks on Evo's Door. "The ArchMage will see you now. I trust you can find your way to his chambers?" the attendant asks with a slight bow.
Jinn looks up as Evo leaves his room, moving rather quickly towards the Archmage's chambers. As Jinn stands up and follows, he watches Evo close the door behind him.

'Hmm... I haven't seen him move that fast in a while' He says to no one in particular. He scratches his chin and looks around, not wanting to interrupt their meeting. He spy's the attendant at her desk and walks over, a warm smile on his face.

"I must apologize for my rudeness earlier, it has been a tense few days, but that is no excuse for my impolite actions. My name is Jinn Wildgrove, and I am in need of your help. It appears that in his haste the Magus had forgot something that I brought for him."

Jinn takes a Spirit Farewell ritual out of his hip bag and goes to hand it to the attendant.

"If you could take this to the Archmage and the Magus that would be greatly appreciated. I'm hopeful that it will be helpful in this situation, as I am sure the ladies of the Silver Rose would like to see all of this over sooner rather than later."

He puts the ritual down on her desk

"I imagine you see all sorts of comings and goings and things of the most dire nature given where you work. Even just this mess makes me need a drink""
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