Epilogue: The Darkest Places


Atlanta Staff
Epilogue: The Darkest Places; Rumors heard around the Out Post

I really think Brosef should join the Order of Serratura; someone needs to make that title official.

Well we found the purple ooze, turns out it was a source the bandits were using to make cheap and easy potions. Good thing the pools got purified, lest the corruption take root.

Sub-section 4; It looks like necromancy under duress is grounds for banishment. I really didn’t understand the trial but does that make necromancy kinda legal?

Hard to run a healer’s guild when only one person is invested in the circle. I hope the people who were formerly invested come back otherwise it's going to be Hell on El.

Looks like there are truffles in the woods and they can easily be found by a trained Reindeer, Sheep, or pig. These truffles may be “touched” by the Vine Lord so they could be very valuable but also have strange side effects when eaten.

Everybody loves Boo.

It has been put out that during hard times one should eat Almonds. I didn’t even know we had this tree near the outpost but I guess I’ll try and save a handful or two.

Good thing Jirrah was successful with their war against the darkness; otherwise we might have had to put up rabbit proof fences all over the outpost.

The canals are starting to drain, too bad as it was a quick and easy way to transport goods.

These walking cat-fish are delicious. I just hope they don’t get any bigger.

Strange things come in the mist, be wary of the mist.

So many new faces! So many strong arms! So many stategists!

Looks like the Mages guild is getting organized under a new stranger known as Roland. Looking forward to seeing what develops here.

Undead and Elementals and Plants working together? What is going on?

I heard a mind stone was found and then lost. I hope whoever found it gets it to Teddy.

Never get the Vine Lord angry; they look like a force of nature when they are furious.

I saw that the Order of Gale and the Order of Egeria were at the last market. I wonder if anyone swore to them?

The summer is almost here! I can’t wait for the asparagus festival!