Event 1: Shatter the Stars April 19th - 21st.

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Drew AGB Co-Owner

Gettysburg Staff
After witnessing the dilapidation of her home land, Princess Anastasia Bystreva of the Celestial Jewel, Strava, has solicited aid from the adventurers of Barran to come to her home. The portal is closing, and it's now or never - stragglers are pulled through the Mists of Fortannis that envelop their old home like a closing wound. No more waiting, it's time to see what lies ahead in these forgotten lands.

Some things are better left buried.

Registration is Open. You have till 4/15/24 at 1159 PM to pay to get the Pre-Reg Price of $75. After that the price goes to $85.

Hope to see you all there.
Not open for further replies.