Event epilogue, January 2019:


The town of Barstow and the whole nation of Stradyn rejoice in the ensuing days after the events of early January. The D.R.S. Despair, Hargroths most powerful naval asset, has been destroyed. Aboard this ship was another powerful military resource. Though the exact nature of this asset has remained a secret from the general public, its destruction was an enormous boon to the Stradysh war effort, as the resistance to earth magic that the Hargrothan undead previously exhibited has been removed. Instrumental in this effort were the heroes of Barstow, including, but not limited to, Bjorn, Squire Eldor, Master Brayden, and many others.
The town of Barstow also sleeps easier tonight, knowing that the murderer known as "The Painter" has been brought to justice. Thanks in large part to Magistrate Larix and his dogged pursuit of this cold-blooded killer, along with significant assistance from the Royal Bounty Hunters Guild, and Ser Tantarus. The citizens of Barstow can breath a sigh of relief, though their minds may still be troubled, knowing one of their own, Harmony Wendell, was behind the slayings all along.
These victories were not without cost, however. The Stradysh heroes Xavic and Aspirant Marrow were slain in battle. Both resurrected successfully, and we laud their sacrifice in the name of Stradyn.
Stradysh people everywhere have their spirits lifted as their hear the news, knowing that their Kingdom has taken one more step towards the peace they desire.