Event Favorites: Episode 5 - The Silver Key


Hey so since sadly I was not there, I am starting the event favorites thread. I want to hear all about it! Go!


Hehehe, okay so the Company of the Shattered Sword decided that they were going to have a lovely picnic outside in the shade. It was very nice until a bunch of cultist charged out of the woods (likely due to the two female elves sitting out nice and pretty out in the open) and startled the hell out of us. Several of us went down, but a jar of mayo had to resurrect unfortunately. Hehe, loved it! Although it had me shaking a bit afterwards just from shock.
Also, shortly after I got publicly praised by Auronin (Dark elf by Brian Gregory) and Roan for my performance last battle/game as battle medic! I didn't know what to say! But it was awesome! Thanks guys!


Me and another guy at the last fight, looking down on Kaiel's body.
"He's dead. Do you have a Life?"
"Yes I do! Wait, how's the incant for that go again?"
"Uh...I think its...I grant you the gift?"

Needless to say we figured it out and said it right when he had 10 seconds left.

norman b

Being able to yell at the Outsiders and the PC's "Get out of my way!" and people just stepping out of the way.

Amory: With mystic force I confine you!
Me: Reflect. Magic; Reflect Magic.
Amory: Reflect.
Me: Resist.
Amory: With mystic force I confine you!
Me: Reflect. Magic; Reflect Magic.
Amory: Spell shield.
Ulric: With mystic force I confine you!
Me: Reflect. Magic; Reflect Magic. Leave me alone!
Ulric: Cloak. Uhhhh I grant you the power of a spell shield *touch cast*
Me: ??? Thank you? Now leave me alone!

Me: Lets go Kruk!
Kruk: You can't do this!
Me: I just did!
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I need more stories! FEED ME YOUR DREAMS!

Honor Bear

1) While searching for an escaped prisoner for the Crimson Fist I got my first magic lecture from my new master, Luke. He taught us (a couple of other apprentices as well) about elements and how they are effected by each other, how banish works for elementals and us on other planes, and some pop quiz questions about how to handle certain combat situations. It was like an outdoor class lecture, and it was extremely fun!

2) Spending more time fighting with the company as a group was great. We got to learn a lot about how we all fight together and I think have been improving as a team.

3) Fighting along side Luke, Kai, Aronin, Roan, Orin, and a bunch of others on Saturday was a lot of fun. Zaka forcing all of us to shift back and forth through the battlefield was intense!

4) Getting ambushed with Kel by void creatures while it was the two of us out in the woods, and then getting saved by the gypsies at the last second: what a frightening moment!

5) Watching Kai walk around at logistics like a reverse version of a popcorn vendor at a baseball game: "Pins! ... Deaths!"

I am sure there are others that I could think of but that is a highlight of some of the good ones (and I don't wanna post everything since there were others there who might want to).


1) Orin doing dragon magic! Twice! To take down a circle on Friday and even better, to kill Zaka Saturday! (with 2 seconds to spare). Also the fact that I got to do it, because people trust her was a great moment for me.
2) An amazing moment of RP with Luke where he kept Orin from lowering herself by using her name tag against her.
3) The meeting with Bando, Roan leaving because she can't deal with him anymore.
4) Getting stuck in between the Veldricks (physically and metaphorically)
5) Ryan's Commander Black as an Oblivion Cultist impersonation while we were waiting to go double hook was so amazingly funny.


5) Ryan's Commander Black as an Oblivion Cultist impersonation while we were waiting to go double hook was so amazingly funny.
Ok, this I have to know more about! Ryan does an impression of Commander Black as an Oblivion Cultist? Is there video of this?


As usual, thank you to NPC's and PC's alike for the amazing RP. It was another brilliant game!

Favorites in no particular order:

1) The budding friendship between Zaka and Amory/or How Being Polite Keeps Evil From Murdering You Horribly. Zaka allowing Amory to heal the fallen and not killing them all anyways, and later after she had confined Amory - bringing her three protectives instead of the Obliterate I was -positive- was coming.

2) All the interactions with Durnic. We are most certainly going to have to finish that conversation we started.

3) The leisurely stroll around the tavern murdering unsuspecting PC's while double hooking. I may have actually been humming a little tune... maybe.

4) Actually dropping Will's ice elemental, then getting dropped {again!!} by Mike's.

5) The Veldrick siblings - I don't think Amory has ever been that uncomfortable o_O

6) The stare of doom from Kai when I misunderstood him asking if the cookies were poisoned. Hearing "Are they pleasant" instead and answering "Very!".

7) Realizing what the Celestial Dragon was trying to do, and when reasoning didn't work, trying to interrupt/confine him. Was pretty sure that was going to go way worse than it did. {Also, it was a reflect to your reflect Norm ~.^ }

8) All the pregnancy/are you looking for a mate comments from the ridiculous number of flowers I had in my hair. It's spring, guys!!

norman b

I thought I used a resist somewhere in there :p Edited.


  1. Sharkkin. Best NPC to interact with of the whole event.
  2. Everything Roscoe.
  3. Finally getting to play with Ole and all of the RP that it brought with her coming into game.
  4. The circular discussion with Bando.
  5. Special thank you to Emily for playing a ridiculously big undead card and getting beat up by seven of us on a mod all by herself.
  6. Zaka being dropping by a low-level character.
  7. The looks on the NPCs faces when a bunch of us started shouting "PARTY PANTS!"
  8. Double hooking as the little "Ice Elemental Shart".
  9. Having a great little fight as my Ice Shart with Amory, dropping her way, way behind enemy lines and then leading people back to her to make sure she got a curative.
More to come as I remember them. Great interactions overall.


So things that were awesome.

At breakfast Saturday morning Roan is taking about how she is too trusting and that strangers often get the better of her because of it and hopefully one day she will learn to not be so trusting.. Kai responds with "This is why we hire strangers to beat our children so they learn this lesson early." 6 heads all turn and look at me like SAY WHAT!

Raccoons even as much as I dislike pretty much everyone as Kai, the Raccoons do not give up and make it super tough to be in character. The challenge is pretty amazing and lets me find depths to a sociopath that I would not have found otherwise. Also dinner is always amazing!

Arannin and Roan. There are so many stories to tell, but I am gonna have to leave out about 1/2 of them. To protect the innocent of course. Late night talks with Roan after she has had private conversations with Arannin and getting firmly asked if we coordinate our answers. Apparently I gave the exact same answer to her questioning statement that Arannin did. Finally having Roan order me to do something. Imagine having a conversation that Kai felt uncomfortable with.

Standing around after the double hook module Saturday afternoon and asking Roan if I could be excused. Her reply "Of course you can.... <long Pause> unless you are going to go murder Ashok." When I do not leave people laugh and make mention of the fact that I am still standing there.

Admitting to being a house slave at one point and not seeing the problem with it. Really it is just the way of low born males to be slaves until they can prove themselves and raise above their station.

During one module standing at the enemies back so that 2 - 3 of them are constantly looking at me or at the very least over there shoulder, enabling the front line to have an easier time of it.

NPCing for a module and letting a couple of PCs have a rough time. Sorry Durnic/Rick for the Spellstrike Enflame Shield and Riganzi/Tony for when I turned sideways and proceeded to drum roll you for 5's. Fortunately for the second Morgan/Sean had weakness-ed me.

Bowie would not let me see a book so after hitting him twice he let me look at the book, at some point he went to tell on me to Arannin. Later Arannin approaches me and begins to talk about the incident. The best part though is when he says "You cannot just hit people because it will cause trouble for Roan and I." "Do you understand?"

Having conversations outside of game about people perceptions and reactions to Kai is pretty incredible and enlightening in many ways.

I am sure there are others that I cannot remember at the moment.


Getting drunk as an NPC with some Gypsies.

Hearing that the attack on the picnic was enjoyed (I was one of the Cultists).

In the fight Saturday night walking up to a player and stopping because I could not remember my attack. She then asked if I was there in game I responded "Yes but out of game I am confused (I could not remember my attack) and ingame I am low intelligence, so it fits" she then began to heal a fallen person. I remembered my attack an swung for her back, she did not retaliate. I, being low intelligence, moved on to a target that wasn't playing possum.

My least favorite, my pickup breaking down on the way to eat at Denny's.