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Welcome Alliance Players to Alliance LARP Charlottesville's first ever Pre-Reg post (details subject to change)!

YAY! WAHOO! (and the peasants rejoiced...woo...)

First, let me tell you about the site: Holiday Lake 4-H Education Center is AMAZING! Heated tavern, bath house, and sleeping quarters! Catered meals! Flat terrain! Beautiful scenery!


Sleeping Arrangements (First come, first served, except private cabins which are reserved):
  • Boys' Bunkhouse - Can sleep 34. Four rooms with four over/under bunk beds and 2 single beds in the center hall. Heated.
  • Large Bunkhouse - Sleeps 64 total. Two top rooms sleep 14 each with over/under bunk beds with bathrooms attached, two bottom rooms sleep 18 each. Heated.
  • Cabins 1-15 - Each cabin sleeps 8-10, four over/under bunk beds and 2 optional twin beds in center. Not heated. You may bring ELECTRIC space heaters if you insist on sleeping in a plywood box in the middle of Winter.
  • Private Cabins (not on map; located near parking area) - $40 reservation fee. Two rooms each, bathroom, and common space. Heat and AC.
    • Hydra
    • Sphinx
    • Chimera
    • Manticore
    • Gorgon
  • Typhon (COMING SOON!) - Cottage with three bedrooms, full bathroom, living room, full kitchen
Holiday Lake has their own, full-time, professional kitchen staff which will cater Brunch on Saturday/Sunday and Dinner Saturday night! If you would like to participate in the food plan, you must pay two weeks before the event so that we can give the site an accurate head count.
  • PC: $30
  • NPC: $10
If having professional chefs provide your meals for you is somehow unappealing, there is also a small (read: apartment-sized) kitchen area available out-of-game where you can make your own food. Please let us know if you plan to use this area so that we can show you where it is and such.
Event Fee:
PC Pre-Reg Price: $65 up to one week before the event
PC At-the-Door Price: $75, cash only

Please fill out our bare-bones pre-reg form here: http://www.alliancecville.com/Pre-Reg/pre-reg.html

Be sure to put in the notes section if you have any allergies (food or otherwise), other medical concerns, would like to take an NPC shift (for PCs), and MOST IMPORTANTLY if you plan on taking advantage of the on-site catering for meals or not. We need to have a head count in to the site a couple weeks in advance in order to ensure they make enough food for everyone.
Also, please remember we have NO BUILD CAP, but we do have a Ritual Cap as described at the following link: http://alliancelarp.com/forum/threads/policy-alliance-charlottesville-ritual-cap.28174/

All payments can be sent via PayPal to owner@alliancecville.com
Questions can be posted here or sent to GM@alliancecville.com