Event, March 16th-18th: Building a Legacy


Event: March 16th-18th: Building a Legacy
Event Teaser:
To be determined

Staff and NPCs will be starting arrive at 3pm on Friday to begin setup. Logistics will open at 5pm and will stay open until 830pm. Check in with Logistics located in the central tavern when you first arrive at the campsite and before you set up! Opening Cerimonies begins at 8PM, and combat is to be expected by 830pm to 9pm. There will be an "Out of Town" module at 830PM for all of those people who are traveling from other chapters.

PC Cost: $75
NPC Cost: Free
Food Cost: $15
Membership Fee: $10
Event Location: Camp Tracy, 4701 Mill Creek Canyon Road, East Millcreek, Utah 84109

PC Sign Up (36)
1. Katie Lewis-Kooring (paid event. meal plan. Owes $10 for membership)
2. Jeff Goulding (Paid event. owes $10 for membership)
3. Marley Gable (paid event. Meal plan x2?. Owes $10 for membership)
4. Kat Krahulec (paid event. owes $10)
5. Morgan Gomez (paid event and membership)
6. Matt Roundy (Membership. Owed $20. Paid event. Meal plan)
7. David Right (Paid event. Meal plan)
8. Steven Cook (Paid event)
9. Gordy Vetas (Registered. Paid event. owes $10 membership)
10. Baxter Heal (Reg. Paid event for 2 (Holly McKeeth) plus memberships for 2. We Owe $40)
11. Holly McKeeth (REG. Paid event plus membership) Paid by Baxter
12. Preston Wright (Registered. paid event. meal plan. owes $10)
13. Jackson Murray (Paid event fee and membership)
14. Jordan Brun (Paid event and meal plan. Owes $10 for membership)
15. Justin Hartel (Paid event and meal plan. Owes $10 for membership)
16. Aceilyn Brown (paid event, meal plan, and membership!)
17. Mark Chamberlin (Paid Event and membership!)
18. Dane Ficklin (paid event and meal plan. owes $10 for membership)
19. Marlene Schmidt (Paid Event. Meal plan. Membership!)
20. Casey Yeager (Paid event and meal plan. Denver)
21. Jack Reed (paid event. meal plan. Denver)
22. Lauren Steinke (Paid Event, Denver)
23. Julianna Smarsh (Paid event and meal plan. Kansas)
24. Talon Branch (Paid Event and meal plan. Kansas)
25. Kodie Hufford (Registered, Paid, Kansas)
26. John "Devil" Bond (Registered, Paid Tent, Meal plan, Kansas)
27. Val "Charity" Winzer (Registered, Paid Tent, Meal plan, Kansas)

Becca Rogers
Connor Gallimore
Riley Townes
Myron Crandell
Sage Con
Karsyn Fergus
Josh Carruba
Dalton Holmes (Registered)
Dustin Flowers (Registered)
Jack Reaver (Registered, Not Paid, Kansas)
Nick Ramier (Registered, Not Paid, Kansas)

NPC Sign Up (25)
Buddy Sellers (CONFIRMED)
Paul Iverson (CONFIRMED)
Jesse Grabowski (CONFIRMED)
Roy Marambio (CONFIRMED)
Kimberly Brown (CONFIRMED)
Richard Brown (Non-Combat) (CONFIRMED)
Derek Reed (CONFIRMED- Denver)
Josh Alexander (CONFIRMED - Denver)
Laura Bedore (Saturday Only)(CONFIRMED)
Joshua Reynolds (CONFIRMED)
Angelica Hope Hartman (Saturday Only)(CONFIRMED)
Chaz Perrenoud (CONFIRMED)
Tom Witbeck (CONFIRMED)
Sariah Ford
Heber Ford
Sean Weddick
Braydon Wilkens
Caitlyn Wilkens
Melissa Mathison
Rachel Lamoureux
Adrian Broadhead
Martin Kinney
Mandy Jo Brown
Kevin Mock
Claire Garff
Sammie Smith
Christian Webb

Food Sign Up
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When will payment options for Pre-Registering be available on the website?


Food cost has been suggested elsewhere as $15. Is this accurate?

Jesse Grabowski

$15 is accurate for the meal plan- dinner and two breakfasts.

Payment should be live on the site. I already received our first person!


Jesse Grabowski

Only 9 players have actually paid. We appreciate you filling out your form, but we calculate our treasure based on number of paid players.
The deadline to pay for the event is Sunday night at midnight. After that, we will assess a $10 late payment as of Monday morning for any payments that come in after our deadline.

Remember, since we only know of 3 events this year, we are only charging $10 membership this year. For those of you that paid the $30, I can either owe you $20 at the door, OR you can choose to donate the $20 into 200 GS.

Thank you kindly!