Event Review June: Times are Changing

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Dramm a'dan

It's that time again, give us your review of May's event Times Are Changing.

1. Post your favorite moments
2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
3. What you would like to see more of
4. Gives us a moment from the perspective of your character

Posting rules, respect everyone's views, no debates. Everyone sees things differently.
Reviews got you 15 Goblin Stamps, so make sure you tag your review with your name.
1 - Large ongoing battle before Saturday dinner where the whole town was involved. Especially the respawning: much more fun to have a large battle dragged out.

2 - Wandering around for hours Saturday morning without finding things to fight or appropriate lairs (don't get me wrong, I still had fun meeting people and learning new things, but If I had to choose..).

3 - I would like to see more multi component lairs, we had one where our group had to split up onto two different paths, great idea for a large group! On the other hand, we had one where a large group waited doing nothing while 1 member solved a puzzle (some [weak?] monsters would have been good to keep the others occupied).
- I would also like to see more large-scale events where the majority of town is involved and the monsters respawn to lengthen the battles.

4 - Following my companions to the edge of town to fight off a rogue gnoll, only to hear screams from town that the fairies as coming! This is when my companions insist on running like hell! 2 hours of cowering in the bushes later, we finally return to town to find that some playful dancing and bubble popping is all that we missed.

1. Post your favorite moments

The Dynamic to learn stuff you must have someone was new to me and it added a great deal of roleplaying actions for my character. figuring out who would help and what they wanted would greatly added to my days. Favours are owed, coin has been paid and leasons were learned. The lich and his undead scared me in ways I had not been scared in years.

2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)

I feel rather unable to answer this because of my lack of familarity with how things are normally are. I am use to friday to sunday being on threat so that even a trip to the washroom might not be safe.

3. What you would like to see more of

I liked the stuff that the whole town had to contribute to. I at least got to feel needed if not effective [which is a build issue that my fault]

4. Gives us a moment from the perspective of your character

Shiv looked around carefully as he cowered on the Iron Brotherhood porch. he pulled his hood down and hid as much he could hopeing his black cloak would hide him. The undead has forced what ever force had gathered at the Iron Brotherhood's Cabin to scatter. Shiv tried to control the sound of his breating which seem to be as load as a werewolf's howl. if the undead found him he be powerless to stop them. minutes seemed like hours until the undead shuffled off down the path and away from the cabin. Shiv check to make sure he didn't soil himself before looking to see who else had surivived.

Richard Steele
1. Post your favorite moments
Walking into game after years long absence and feeling the love shouted
Meeting Kumari for the first time and having people step back/away from us in expectations of a dominance fight
Having Harlequins cards read by Rovinder - seriously epic thanks dude!!
Never had another cat to play with before and now have a more interesting play mate then I ever thought I'd have!!! Heh heh

2. Post your less favorite moments
It's already been stated but there was LOTS of downtime for some of us, I only went on one quick little lair.....I really like the big battles .....

3. What you would like to see more of
Big battles hahah

4. Gives us a moment from the perspective of your character:
As a gnoll stands off to the side of the commons Harlequin goes to investigate, wondering why there are 2 men standing talking to it....seemingly just for fun.....don't they know all gnolls should be killed?! Walking over and releasing her claws she prepares to take care of the situation when one of the men, the bard, tells her no. No no no he says, we want to talk to it, but she wants to kill it and maybe get a little snack out of it....no no no he says to her again. As she watches in confusion - why are we not killing it again?! - he walks up and kills it himself. He took her kill and her joy at knowing she had ridden the world of such nuisance..... She doesn't like the tall no no no man anymore.

Candace Blinch / Harlequin
1) Favorite: Walking back from the cabin and almost missing the hidden gnoll played by Logan as he was about to sneak on me.
2) Least Favorite: My own attitude; the game is as much fun as you bring too it and I was not ready / in the "mood" for most of Saturday. Sorry if I affected anyone else's game.
3) More of: The "pick a direction" mods and lairs - let the random chaos begin.
4) Sitting quietly reading / practicing my spells in the lower field on Saturday afternoon; seeing 3 PC's crossing the field 100 meters away ..... and not one of them issued a warning that an NPC had crept up behind me with a 2 handed maul. At least I had mana in hand and I had a Shun spell ready just in case of emergencies, otherwise he would of owned me.
1. Favorite: The lich fight and getting to Zombie it up for a bit
Other Favorite: Being able to use my blacksmithing in a mod (fixing the cart)
2. Least Favorite: Having so little time at the end to try and divide loot especially with an 11 gold magic item in there
3. More of: Everything, I had very little complaints about this weekend and even 2. is more of a gripe than a real issue
4. Ok, I just got back to the Breach and let's see what I have heard ... wait the Hammer Outfitters are negotiating contracts and need representatives?!?!? Then only a couple hours later, is that the Blacksmith Dram that I have heard about? It is, will he let me join ... yes!!! I am so happy but I gotta play this cool, wait no I'm going to blab it to everyone because apparently I'm not a very stoic Dwarf.

4(a) oh, there is two new kin in town. Wow, the young one has a lot of energy and is pretty funny ... (a couple hours later) that young one is more terrifying than Cara Vayle and Az' Cain put together!
1. Post your favorite moments
I loved meeting all the new players
Despite the fact that it kept me out of a lot of fights, I think it's hilarious how often I got hit with alchemy this weekend.
Earning titles and nicknames.
Intoxicake brownies. Seriously.
And this is a very personal one, but a lot of the situations let me dig a bit more into Briony, and I like what I see. I think I'm going to have an easier time playing her next event.

2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
I do feel like, unless you were in one of the big storyline mods there was a lot of downtime, BUT, there were more instamods to be found and I think, we as players, could have done a lot more to fill our time as well.
I feel like our player driven economy has these weird hiccups where one month it'll go really well and the next one no one is doing business with anyone. I'd love to see us be able to have more inter-character transactions. (And more inter-character rp and services)

3. What you would like to see more of
Inter-character stuff, as stated above
Instamods (I'll probably always want more no matter how many there are. Between the silly Awkwardmancer, the awesome effects, and things like gypsy curses and intoxicates, I can't get enough of them.)
The npc enemies that we could capture and question.

4. Gives us a moment from the perspective of your character
((Please, please remember this is all IG. I wasn't actually angry.))
Briony looked up as the alchemist stirred in the stocks. She groaned and got to her feet. Quietly she spoke with the man. Who was he? What did he do? It didn't take very long to figure out he was much akin to she. A working dog. Someone who is hired to do the bidding of others. He wouldn't have anything of value. People like him and her weren't of value outside of their very specific tasks, and they certainly weren't trusted with more than their tasks. She felt an odd kinship with the ma but, at the same time, he'd put her to sleep in front of all her new allies, and that had been terribly embarrassing.
She sighed impatiently. They had waited until the man awoke to bother figuring out who could charm him. She already had all the information they needed, but no one listened to her. Why would they? She was a self-proclaimed drunkard carrying a sword and shield and not much else. She was a working dog. No one listens to the opinions of their dogs. Finally they got organized. But then the questioning.... By the hairs of her grandmam's nethers, those questions were senseless, time wasting, they were leading no where and were not capitalizing on the hints the man was dropping. Briony's frustration grew. So she asked the man the same questions again, only louder this time. This was more for the benefit of her supposed allies than for herself. Again, they seemed not to hear. So she bellowed the answers back at them and began to hit the man.
Now, she is not a cruel woman. She does not see the purpose in torture or causing undue pain. She's rather end an enemy swiftly. She thought a single strike would do so. It did not. She struck again, and again. Weak protestations from her allies. They were trying to say they could get more information. She paused between strikes, but they still asked nothing useful, he still said nothing useful. They still ignored her suggestions. The thought crossed her mind about how it was funny they weren't pleading for his life based on the fact that he had surrendered, but because they thought he was still useful.
Then the rat did what she could not, he ended the man's life. An uproar. The poor thing. She chops a man up and they are all milk-toast about it. The rat does the sensible, cruelty free thing and he's thrown in the stocks. She thanked him, softly, as she walked away. And then she began to yell back. She heard the word idiots tossed. She yelled her entire plan. She was ignored. The last straw. She was not a wilting flower behind this shield. She was not an oxen. "No one's listening. JUST BECAUSE I CAN'T READ, DOESN'T MEAN I'M AN IDIOT!"
That got their attention, didn't it? She was busy storming off when she was called back. Sarryn advised her to stand up for her honour. She appreciated that. Hammish heard her plan. And then he said those magical words. "With thinking like that..." A light flickered to life in her eyes. Someone above her had acknowledged her free-thought. Someone thought she had a good idea. Maybe she could be more than a working dog.
1. Post your favorite moments
Reporting Gabriel as a necromancer probably tops it

2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
I feel like I had a hard time getting into it this weekend. Brooke asked me yesterday at work what my favorite moment was, and I went "uhhh..." because, while I couldn't think of anything I actively disliked, neither could I think of anything I really liked. the whole event is a gray smear in my memory.

3. What you would like to see more of
Stuff to do while there are guild mods going on. It definitely feels like if you're not doing sanctum, home guard, or earth weaver mods, you spend a lot of time sitting on your hands.

4. Gives us a moment from the perspective of your character
As the construct turned to focus on Hamish, Third sat down to catch his breath and repair his armor. watching the fight, it was clear it was a mindless being, slowly pursuing the last person to strike it. As he watched, hamish and Garridan led it around the room, and this theory was tested twice as it passed by easily within arm's reach, clearly oblivious to the repairs Third was making to his armor.
1. Post your favorite moments
- The Friday night RP was great for me! Everyone I touched was great about staying in character. The rest of the weekend was OK, but Friday was tight! Well done all!
- Having necromancy in the Breach rooted out! Thanks to Third reporting it. The show that Gabriel put on in the stock was fun! As was debating morality with him (absolute vs situational), and having him place his Gypsy curse on Isawda. How Isawda must bow to those beings less than himself. He must mean those that have soiled their hands with chaos. <grin>
- The Fourteen! Long may they be remembered! An Earthweaver mod that had (count them!) 1 Earthweaever in a group of 14. I like that it was make it open the first 12 people to bravely step past me. It was open to anyone and some seemed slow to believe it and step forward. If you want to be involved more, don't be slow when someone ask who will step forward and defend the breach!
- Having two more folks invested in the Earthcircle. Although there was an evil plot twist I was not expecting, and I can hardly wait for Isawda to find out about it!
- The big battle Saturday was a hoot, even if I was being a healing battery and a lot of folks stomped through my interpenetrate circle. Maybe that does not mean what I think it means...
- Rituals! Thank goodness for Foresight! Being a healer of the Earthcircle that could only be healed by Necromancy would have been... awkward!
- Banana bread! Thank you clover!
- Logan chasing me back up he hill when I took a late night walk with the wind (Brooke). So much for that!
- Having the seven pieces of the staff be so well used! Thanks to all that were willing to carry a section!

2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
I put less energy into Saturday than I did on Friday night. The lesson being that the less I put in, the less I got back. Seems pretty obvious, but still very true.
The length of the wait standing on the pavement in the commons on Sunday morning between the group battle and the three lairs. Both were fun, but the gap was hard on my back and feet on day three.

3. What you would like to see more of
Me remembering that 'downtime' is really 'RP" and "make something happen" time.
All of us staying in character more. Friday night really whetted my whistle.
Eggs on Sunday morning. I get continental all week when I travel. Weekend brecky for me means eggs.

4. Gives us a moment from the perspective of your character
Carefully wrapping a cloak around the body of the fallen Biata, Isawda's eyes were sober. Of all the visitors to the Stone, this one he would remember best. Watching him quietly commune with the stone, and then just as calmly accepting the blade he requested of the Sheriff was a reminder of the best of their people. As was his request to send the reward he had claimed on his own head to his family. A request hat Isawda would gladly honor.
1. Post your favorite mom
There were a couple things that I enjoyed about this weekend.
- Being invested into the Earthcircle (even thought it has come back to bite me in the ***)
- Once again the baking by Clover (even thought there wasn't lemon loaf)
- Getting to use my new assassinate ability to kill a gnoll
- Having Aezir finally meet some other Sarr in the Breach. Then making a very good connection with one of them.
- Having a Young Fox kin manage on roleplaying a way to basically now own Aezir.

2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
-Not really a bad thing just with my wanting to know how things end. The split lairs were a cool idea. But a way to keep the people who were in the first part of the lair still involved would be nice. This could need to be handled by players. But even though I tried I never found out what ended up with that lair.
- I know this was most likely a time issue which does happen, but I would have liked to have the capture the flag instamod happen. There was a fun little search of teams for it and a discussion of which team would get Aezir, The team ran by who he worked for, or the team consisting of the different animals of the breach since he messed up and agreed to be on both teams not realizing what he was being asked.

3. What you would like to see more of
More instamods, and more puzzles that would involve multiple people doing things at the same time. In the Sanctum mod we had to play a game of jenga while other people ran around the room sketching out needed drawings, with the threat of if the jenga tower fell a group of powerful elementgnolls would be let into the room. This kept almost the entire group involved.

4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character
As Aezir walks through the realm that was not familiar to him, but making a weird smell stick into his nose. He began to wonder why this group would ask him to come along as a healer. Yes he is an Earthweaver but he doesn't know many healing spells. While he was thinking some Elementgnolls popped up out of nowhere.

Boris went up against them first and very quickly fell. These must be some really powerful creatures if they could fell Boris this quickly. Aezir quickly ran over to Boris to pick him up so he could move him away from the Creatures so he could heal him up. Just as Aezir had finished picking Boris up he felt a a cut deep into his side. Aezir fell and dropped Boris, he could feel the blood leaving his body. He laid there waiting to bleed out until he heard Sarryn come up and touch Aezir's necklace using the power in it to heal Aezir. As soon as Aezir could stand he ran healed Morrigan and Boris quickly.

Everyone managed on making it out alive after running into the Air Titan trapped in the Circle of Power. Even though it seemed like the quest was a success, all Aezir could think about was his failure at keeping his team from almost dying.

Bryan Weir
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1. Post your favorite moments
-Having something different for a last fight before game ended was nice change
-Meeting a new players
-Getting my next promotion in the arcane sanctum
-Hearing what Dayna did end up taking a death and going into the stockades
-Going on my first stealth mission in larp. It was both a fun and terrifying experience

2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
Weather!!!, beside that saturday night while some were doing a mod a few of us were stuck in town doing nothing though that was addressed as plot lost 5 npcs

3. What you would like to see more of
-Having lair within a liar ideas
-More stealth like mods

4. Gives us a moment from the perspective of your character
Nakor and his companions headed out for their mission to deal with some gnoll investigation. When they arrive they were meet 4 gnolls. After some talk battled ensued on. These gnolls were stronger than most he's seen in the breach. As Nakor was throwing his "Ice Storm" at a gnoll, his fellow companion Lilly the young fox kin head her sword in the air absorbing the spell which was meant for the gnoll. Lilly dropped to the ground and Nakor stood toe to toe with the gnoll whom hit successfully to drop him to the ground. Nakor got brought back to life by the healer in the group. As he stood up, the rest of his companions killed the remaining gnolls. They searched for any treasure which to be found. Nakor decided to a second look to exam item the table. He opened a book that ended up blasting him bring him the ground. He was once again brought to life by healer of the party. He look around him and nobody else seemed to be harmed. They grabbed the contents of the treasure and made off back to the breach.

Brian Matthews
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1. Post your favorite moments
When Cory as a bullette phased in and did a 30 slay on me. I said "magic armor" then he hit me 3x 8dmg and I went down... 4x that battle.

2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
Saturday Afternoon / Evening. Apparently there was a mod going on that someone said was a lair and I missed out on it. Then I went to bed around midnight before the undead attack and missed out on that.

3. What you would like to see more of
More things to

4. Gives us a moment from the perspective of your character
So Yakov sees a man explode and cannot hear anything with most of his traveling party. The party consisting of Yakov, Naz-elf, Beard-ain (The dwarf in falling apart chainmail), Alexi and a slovenly human headed off down the path not hearing anything else along the way... when 3 gnolls start to attack I signal Alexi with a point but then my shout of alarm goes unheard. Everyone eventually notices them and fights. The gnolls are too powerful and Alexi and myself are forced to run away. I'm not sure what happened to Naz-elf and the slovenly human... they are nowhere to be seen but they were there fighting earlier... Beard-ain is lying on the field and the gnolls are leaving... I give Alexi a potion and suggest to him to run to Beard-ain and heal him. As Alexi gets there I hear Beard-ain give out a dying breath. Another party of adventurers shows up and heals Beard-ain... Then the gnolls come back and it's 10 against three. We kill them fairly quickly and all I get is a lousy copper.
1. Post your favorite moments - Solving the puzzle for the lair and the marshal telling us that is was the "right wrong way to solve it" lol it was fantastic. and they faeries, they were awesome!

2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
mmm probably the large amount of time on the Saturday where there was nothing to do but wait for our lair to start. I mean I still went out with parties on "patrol" but by then all of the insta mods were found and there weren't any roaming monsters. Don't get me wrong, I still had a blast meeting my fellow adventurers and getting to know them a bit.

3. What you would like to see more of
Not to sure, I'm a brand new player so just being at another event would do it for me. Maybe if there were a couple more things todo in town. Not sure as to what, if I figure out what I mean I'll let you know. Wait... more faeries!!!! all of the faeries!!!

4. Gives us a moment from the perspective of your character

Upon seeing his companions finish off fearsome gnolls they were locked in combat with, Oleski pauses for a moment "one, two, three..." he counts aloud. "damnit" he curses as he looks around for his last throwing knife. Finding it in the brush he bends down to retrieve it. "FAERIES!!!!" is all he hears as people from the town run past him. Without thinking he dives into the brush, not sure if he should be afraid or not. "Hmmm I've never met a Faerie before" he ponders to himself. Cautiously he leaves his hiding place and approaches one of the townspeople. "Why is everyone running?" he inquires. The townsman turns sharply to face him "Because! them faeries be some dastardly creatures!" he gruffly states. "Oh? and why is that?" he inquires further. Thinking to himself that all of the fae creatures his Oma had told him of as a child seemed like wondrous beings. "Can't ye see wit your eyes boy, they's making everyone dance around like utter fools, making them chase their magics and such!" he loudly proclaims waving his arms in the direction of the town square. "That..." he thinks for a moment, looking at the square then back to the man. "That sounds like fun!" he states as he runs towards the fae, as he gets closer feelings start to overcome him of being a young one again. chasing the fire sparks coming off the nighttime fire, as the old ones pretended that they were casting magics on the fire for the young one's amusement. One of the faeries can be seen blowing rainbow colored magics, others lead the townsfolk in dancing. "This is just as wondrous as Oma said" is all that is able to run through his head before he starts to chase the magics, trying to keep them from touching the ground. "Oh lord! they charmed you didn't they!" someone says from behind him. "No! At least I don't think so... it's just fun, alot of fun" he stops for a moment. did they charm him? is this why he feels like this? "who cares? aren't you having fun?" a voice whispers in his ear. "yeah" he says out loud. "I am having fun." "then keep playing" the voice whispers again. "yeah, I will" he then returns to playing with the magics which he continues to do until the faeries dissappear. "I hope I meet them again" he whispers as he kisses the luck he keeps around his neck.

- Logan Stevenson
1. Post your favorite moments
Everything was great. Loved the new style of lairs branching off into expanded encounters, killing and claiming the PC bounty on the alchemist sunday morn (and finding the envelope on him which led to the 3 group missions that day) the Lich and posse coming in late night catching those still awake off guard, chasing after Lilly and 2 gnolls on her tail, and figureing out my next choice for a skill by shattering an NPCs sword with a block *litterally* whilst protecting an NPC that was on my groups side (again sorry that I broke it cory)

2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
I got nothing. I was very content with the flow of the weekend and the awsome effort all the NPCs put forth. Stig has grips here and there with ingame situations but that has NO bearing on plot or the game. I had a blast.

3. What you would like to see more of
The new lairs. The expanding is great and also how they were in may with NPCs even leaving the area fleeing us and ending up in town.
Oh and more random NPCs merchanting stuff like the 3 elf ladies.

4. Gives us a moment from the perspective of your character
Stig enters the lair with his group, led by Aezir, one of three locations of labs found on the body of the alchemist that had been wreaking havoc in town with the elementgnolls that Stig had claimed the bounty on. As they enter they find its occupied by anther alchemist accompanied by 2 elementgnolls.
With some witty back and forth between the alchemist and the group about property ownership, and a remark by Aezir about a 'small' lease, the alchemist let fly his globes. With luck the few that were hit with the globes had the protection of poison shields and resistances. The group charged spliting off to take on their 3 now enemies.
Along side Aezir, Stig took on one of the the hybrids but it seemed to be an over powering foe. Aezir let out an emence roar as a harsh energy flowed out of him as he stuck the abomination *elemental sunder*. As it disipated from sight Stig grabs Aezir shoulder
"Vhat Aezir do? How him destroy it?"
With that Stig remembers what he had be told of the pieces when him and Isawda had spoke and agreed that more then just members of the weavers should carry and protect the pieces, one of which Stig had been trusted with.
Stig lunges across the room feeling the power of the elemental sunder surging from the piece through his hands. Nearly within striking distance Stig hears something in the air. He turns barely catching a glimpse of a globe flying at him. He *Dodge*s the globe but keeps his mark insight for his strike. It conects and the second elementgnoll has been destroyed. Stig turns back to see the Alchemist who's looking around and realizing he's out numbered and out of globes. He puts his hands up in surrender and Harlyquin and Kumari decide to practice a bit of 'info extraction' which doesn't last long and the alchemist falls over bleeding out with no info received. The group decides to heal him and, at the same time, waylay him for protection. Stig is tasked with carrying the body back to town so the group can further the interogation of the now bloody pantsed alchemist for info about Kara Vales plans.
1. Post your favorite moments
One of my absolute favorite moments this weekend was watching Lily tear off down the kings road, then watch two gnolls follow after her, then half the breach after them. Hilarious :D

The faeries coming in was also a favorite, it's a special time for all Tari Nor when they come to town and so far (amazingly) I haven't had a single negative encounter with any fae folk.

All the new peeps! I haven't really seen any shoutouts here but all the new PCs this month were astounding! You guys really stepped it up and I wanted to say well done. Your costumes were all amazing, Oleski's style, Zilo's originality, Aurora's horns and armor, Lily's everything, and everyone. You guys did amazingly and I hope you're all coming back monthly!

2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
I was SOOOOOOOOO SIIIIIICK... it's a week later and Ember (Briony) has now caught the same sickness and she's dying upstairs while I'm writing this and I haven't even recovered from the infection. The sickness and the weather made me pretty grumpy Friday night and a bit of Saturday but it's nothing that could've been helped and I hope that I have made reparations to anyone I've wronged.

3. What you would like to see more of
I was extremely impressed this month with the original lairs, multi-lairs and insta-mods that we got to participate in, I loved how everything went and I think that if more people focus on immersion and roleplay will make downtime a lot more fun.

I loved the roleplay that we all had around the fire on Saturday night, I want more PC interaction like that! It was great :)

4. Gives us a moment from the perspective of your character
"What an exciting time to be alive, I've studied the fae folk in books for a long time but I never thought I'd have the pleasure of actually meeting any, let alone a Satyr Lord." It had been an interesting day for Siegart, though his head was swimming from illness he'd seen and done a lot of adventuring, but nothing topped this. Not only had he met some fabled fae folk but he'd actually made what he hoped had been friends with a rather depressed fae.

Earlier in the day he'd had an argument with one of his employees about the rules about employment and expected representation while in the Breach... long story short he was feeling a little sore because Aezir wouldn't play capture the flag with him.

Turning to his new friend, alchemy flask in hand he said, "I have a game for you my dear," Slipping his hallucinogenic flask into her hand, "I would never presume to ask a favor of one so powerful as yourself, and know that I have the utmost respect and reverence for your kind... but I do think it would be fun if you could convince my friend over there," inclining his head towards the lion Sarr, "to drink this, he has slighted me greatly today!"

The black-clad faeish woman looked over the elixir, then to the Tari Nor, shrugged and asked him, "Sure, sounds fun but I want to know what he did to you."

Siegart returned the shrug with one of his own.

"He wouldn't play capture the flag with me."


Moral of the story... -never- mess with an Autumn-Walker >: )
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