Event Review: Planes, Vines & Mines

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**NPCs - Do not post here. Let us know if you had any highlights or concerns in the NPC FB group. Thanks! **

1. Post your favorite moments
2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
3. What you would like to see more of
4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character
5. Please add your thoughts on things we need to review for the 2.0 ruleset

Posting rules, respect everyone's views, no debates. Everyone sees things differently.
Reviews for 2.0 get you 25 Goblin Stamps, so make sure you tag your review with your name.
1. -Not being sick for the first event this season
-The great roleplay from all the NPCs, Colby, Derek Taylor, Scott, Daen, John and everyone was just top notch
-The amazing fae grinding mod on Friday night. It was dark and definitely made me feel dirty.
-In the same mod, the other players sticking to their guns and bailing on something they felt/knew was wrong, even with the backlash
-The dark reaches was top notch. Definitely a top 3 Reaches for me. The mist monster, the traps, the lighting from the moon... fantastic!
-Waking up to being murdered was interesting!
-Not being trusted around fae anymore by a certain biata.
-Just a great all around event! My favorite of the summer thus far.
-Being named Players Choice was a nice boost for my confidence!
-The Wild Hunts coming back!
-The stealth mission on Saturday morning!

2. -Felt like there was a bit of a lull Saturday afternoon after the group went to the realm of plants until after dinner.
- My writing on the wild hunt we did... I definitely underestimated the power level required for a 5 star monster.
-The sunday battle I felt was a little lacking in the sound effects department. Not sure if we can get generic battle sounds coming out of the speakers, but I think that would be rad!
-How empty the tavern feels.... see below

3. -More lairs and instamods! I feel like I didn't see many go out, but it could have been a case of wrong place wrong time.
-More morally questionable actions that will break characters!
-More paranoid possession plot lines!
-More deadly events!
-I honestly feel like we need to cut off like 66-75% of the tavern. I love the winter events because it's close and intimate and feels like a tavern. Right now, everyone is so spread out, there's no conversation outside of who you're sitting with, and just feels like a lot of empty space. If we tarp it off and open up the back area as a new mod area... that has a lot of benefits. A central mod area so people (mainly NPCs) don't need to travel so far, it provides a different kind of environment (tables! chairs! And even a room off to the side which could act as a dungeon!). More roleplay between players, a more 'real' tavern feel, and a new mod area.... win-win-win!

4. Here's the fallout from the event for Ruki: https://alliancelarp.com/forum/threads/a-sleepless-night.40128/
5. I still love 2.0
1. Post your favorite moments
Having to look at evo and rp not knowing what was going on for the parallel plane.
Rp with Ruki and stig the tension was high. Like calan was afraid to go to bed at night.then ironically Ruki gets murdered in his sleep.

2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix) honestly I can’t think of anything that I would have changed about this event.
3. What you would like to see more of
The wild hunt board is fantastic I love that. New experimental mechanics like this are always welcome. Other wise see suggestions from last event. Oh making the tavern smaller creating a game room on the other side like we did back in October.
4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character
Calan stood unsure of the sylvanborn standing in front of him. Unlike the others that claimed to know him this one was different. When calan looked at his bichromia, his garb, his purple horns that sparkled like his own he felt this hollow ache inside. It was like falling down into a great pit and the insides of his stomach sloshing around.

“You see this?” The sylvanborn asked while shaking his wrist.” You see the sparkly shiny? The one just like you are wearing, you gave me this in return for that armour you are wearing.” The man looked him in the eye.

The sinking feeling increased as the man said this, it was as though something was on the tip of his tongue but he couldn’t say it. Calan looked down at the bracelet he’d worn for as long as he could remember. They were indeed the same save for the colour. But the harder calan tried to remember the harder he found it to even think. He looked the man back in the eye and decided then and there that he would trust this man.

5. Please add your thoughts on things we need to review for the 2.0 ruleset
I feel that we have been using these rules long enough that I don’t have anything that puzzles me, and in the odd times I forget what something does people are really good at going into a quick hold to clarify quickly.
1. Post your favorite moments
The Friday mod. Arlyne lost her **** after she left the tavern after her run, screaming profanties in the air. Fighting Allan defending the Fae. That mod marked a big character development.
Rping with Elspeth with our "private" chat.
Our scouting mission on Saturday morning. Going through the brush and going in as much stealth as possible was fun.

2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
I can't really think of any

3. What you would like to see more of
I'll agree with Randy on this one about making the tavern abit smaller. I remember last season we closed off half the area to do some mods and the latter the tavern. It is abit empty in there.

4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character
Arlyne and Ruki walks in silence towards the fire, the event still lingering
"I can't believe they left us there" he says, breaking the silence
Arlyne nods. "Yah. I don't get it. They tried to be as diplomatic as possible, but in the end...." She sighs, not wanting to finish her sentence. Every moral fibre in her being feels betrayed by what just happened.
"How long do you think we were down there for? An hour?" He asks casually, then looks closely at her
"Naw, I think we were down there longer than that?"
"You ok?"
Again, she nods. Slowly. "I just ... Just.."
"Here." Ruki produces a vial, it's clear liquid shifting around within.
"What's this?" She looks inside and soon realizes what is
"Don't worry about. It'll help you feel better."
Arlyne shakes her head and closes his hand which contains the vial.
"No, Ruki. I can't take that"

She won't. As she continues to walk towards the fire, she can still hear the screams of the innocent ringing in her ears. She wants to remember. They will not be forgotten.

5. Please add your thoughts on things we need to review for the 2.0 ruleset
Like arlyne 2.0 so far!
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1. Really great RP from everyone. There has been less and less times of people talking oog and it’s been awesome. Tensions were high for much of the weekend and it left a chance for unpredictability in the air. Super interesting on my end considering Rohnan only knew, and trusted, one person.

2. Nothing that I really disliked. It was a bit of a slow Saturday for me.

3. I wasn’t able to find a lair to go on. I agree with what has been said above about separating the tavern. Keeping the back half available for mods that might make sense to take place indoors, or available for PCs to use for their unexpected needs.

4. Evo approached Rohnan “have you regained your memories?” He asked her as they walked.

She couldn’t help but laugh at the ridiculous statement. “How- when- no. They are gone” she replied.

“Then I am releasing you from your commitment to the Arcane Sanctum.” Rohnan felt her heart stop for a moment and a brief tilt of panic went through her. “It’s not fair to keep you committed to promises and vows that you don’t remember taking. You can always rejoin when you feel ready to”

In that moment Rohnan was young girl again begging her father to allow her to join the Sanctum and him not allowing her to. She brushed the thought away not knowing if it was her memory or that of the thousands of others who now lived within her. But it didn’t stop the panic feeling overwhelm her at the idea of being let go. Rejected. She wanted to beg him to change his mind but her mouth was dry and she couldn’t find the words. Besides wasn’t it just the previous night she was scuffing at the idea that she ever joined such a restrictive guild?

She couldn’t remember the rest of the conversation but soon Evo was gone and Jinn was in front of her as she explained what had happened.

“I don’t know why I ever joined the guild” she confessed, “or any guild for that matter, but.... I can’t help but feel that I’ve just lost something”. She rubbed the centre of her chest as if that would ease the empty ache that was a constant presence but enflamed with the resent conversation.

Jinn nodded “You had ambitions to rank up in the Sanctum”. It was strange learning about herself from someone else but she felt the truth in what he told her.

She was a moment away from turning and calling out to Evo asking to be reinstated immediately, but then she remembered who ordered the death of the fey and stopped herself. She had been given a chance to rethink choices and she wasn’t going to squander this opportunity. The Sanctum will always be there. For now she needed to make a decision for her present self and not the person who she used to be.
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