Event Review: The Cancelled Event That Never Was


REMINDER: IBGA'S ARE DUE Monday, April 34th, 2002
Also reminder: this is a joke! Let's have fun!

**NPCs - Do not post here. Let us know if you had any highlights or concerns in the NPC FB group. Thanks! **

1. Post your favorite moments
2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
3. What you would like to see more of
4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character
5. Please add your thoughts on things we need to review for the 2.0 ruleset
1. -The big town mod where we had a food fight was exciting, if not a little messy.
-Having a deep, intimate conversation with Evo and finding out his deep dark past (who would have guessed that he was a time traveler who's looking for a way home?)
-The lairs we went on were a lot of fun and creative. Gaining a Warg as a mount was something else to say the least.
-Necromancy being legalized was a big shocker! It's really going to open up some builds for players.
-Finally unlocking paragons which gave me unlimited powers.

2. -Having a tea party with Al'zoon was a little weird and out of character. He strikes me as a pub kinda person. Also, where was his hat?! And why was his name now Craig?
-Apparently forgetting what Al'Zoon looked like and killing an innocent NPC. My bad.
-The smell coming from cabin 5. Something must have died in there.
-The 'pandemic/plague' mod. Too soon.

3. What you would like to see more of
-More events!
-A vaccine so we can go to more events!

4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character

It was at that moment Ruki realized what he had done, killing poor innocent Craig who was just trying to enjoy his morning tea. When the homeguard came to investigate, he flashed his War Mage badge and pointed at Talon, placing the blame on the poor wolf-kin. He sorta felt bad as they were taking him away to be executed. He'd probably be fine and regenerate, right?


5. Please add your thoughts on things we need to review for the 2.0 ruleset
-We need to buff Adepts. Specifically Ruki. I need more power.
The lairs we went on were a lot of fun and creative.

LairS? You went on more then one?
1. So I was standing there, no no sitting.. or maybe I was laying... probably laying.. cause I had my eyes closed. So it was just quiet and then nothing happened. 5/5 Stars, you guys should do more of this, I sometimes get overwhelmed by stimuli like friends and light.
2. When I opened my eyes, and found out it was all just a dream... Clearly the plot team needs to get some real powers to make sure our fantasy goes on forever!
3. I'd like to see more. I think that sums it up.
4. As Mobeus was sleeping, he rolled over, and then rolls over again, before waking up.
5. 2.0 didn't have nearly enough cowbell... please address this soonest.
1. Post your favourite moments

-I feel like even though we had to be socially distant the whole time that out characters have grown closer together.

-The meal plan was AMAZING this weekend. Smoked pork and beef ribs, salad, mac and cheese, breakfast sandwichs, the cook really went above and beyond.

-It was nice seeing all the pc's getting out and making their own adventures. It really can help build characters, rp, and backstory.

-Azcaine's funeral on friday night was truly touching and beautiful, it was the send off he deserved. But totally unexpected for Jinn to become the new Archmage!

- The roc's attached to drones were super cool. They really gave us a run for our money.

2. Post your less favourite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)

-I would like to see more fishbowls go out, I really didn't get much interaction all weekend.

- I found the loot this weekend was lacking. Taking away my craftsmen coin because I was 'laid off' was a little strange

-How much paperwork is involved in being the Archmage, its why I had to vacate the position Saturday night. I spent all day in the tavern signing parchment, i have to give it to monster camp for the realism though.

3. What you would like to see more of

4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character

"Next" Archmage Jinn said with a weary tone. 'How long have I been sitting here singing these things... it feels like weeks' he though to himself

"Here is a fresh stack for you" said the unnamed attendant. "I also brought you some fresh ink and a new quill. Only 7 more hours to go."

"WHAT!!" Jinn screams in a pained voice... "NO... NO MORE... I CAN'T TAKE IT"

"But your meeting with the representitive of the..." Jinn pulls out his sword and cuts the stack of parchment in half as the attendant flee's in a panic.

"NO MORE MEETINGS!!! I QUIT!" Jinn crys as he runs out of the room and out of the Archmage's tower.
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1. Post your favorite moments
- Slaying a draco-necro-chroma-lich! So unique!
- The big reveal where Jinn and the Archmage were actually the same person the whole time
- I didn't know that beholders could be seduced! Thanks for proving me wrong, Scott.
- The moment where all of Calandonia is on a turtle's back on a turtle's back - turtles all the way down, baby!

2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
- Watching poor Talon get the short end of the stick. I know it's all in game, but Randy I think you guys need to work some **** out.
- The bit where DAM and Al'zoon murdered each other. Yay for the win but nay for the anticlimactic arc finish.

3. What you would like to see more of
- More Stig-on-beholder action. Spicy.
- Other players! Everybody felt weirdly distant this game.
- Bleach. Agree w/above, cabin 5 was something straight out of Resident Evil.

4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character
Elinor watched, transfixed, as Stig laughed heartily at the beholder's joke. Did it... bat its eye? Surely not. But then again... it came a little closer. It did a weird shimmy, shaking its large, round body in a strangely suggestive way. Elly's eyebrows disappeared into her hairline as Stig reflected the weird maneuver right back. Are they... flirting?? She gave her head a shake. She would have to check her potion bottles later to see if Phal had slipped some Hallucinates in there.
I can't believe Stig cheated on Xamot.

It makes sense. Stig did launch himself at the beholder last year. Clearly this was a rival for the new affections and I support Stig and his future monstrous offspring.
  1. Post your favorite moments:

-it was great seeing everyone again! I have felt so distanced of late. Many hugs were shared. Many people have been missed.

The Best moment this weekend was that little oddball fishbowl with the line up of goblin children, and taking bets as to which one would cry first when we threw stale bread at them. Little buggers were tough, it wasn't until Thistle added a few of her own barbs to a piece of bread did we finally make one of them cry. Apparently their tears have magical properties...who knew?..

  1. Post your less favorite moments, we don't know we cannot fix.
  • You know that little NPC rouse of bringing in ANOTHER Baker to compete with me? Drumming him up like he was better than the great Mistress Clover? Purveyor of fine delectables. THAT was not funny. At all. You know there can ONLY be one. Do Not mess with me!
  • ( dont forget 20% off tuesdays! And BOGO fridays!)

  1. What would you like to see more of?

  • Men in leather, with a little sweat and a nice 6 pack, sword abilities and loves playing Destiny with me. Not quite enough options were laid out in front of me this weekend. Not to sound shallow but this Sylvanborn has her needs.
  • More hallucinates, supply and demand, and this girl had issues keeping up with the demand..if you know what I mean..(wink wink nudge nudge)

  1. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character.

-Clover had been here before, she was sure of it. The setting was the exact same as she remembered it, the full moon and the clearing with the solitary tree in the exact center. All the Silvan born women just coming of age dancing in between the roots of the tree, gently stroking the hardness of the bark that was Boda. Flowers in their hair and naught but a wisp of cloth to cover them….Shaking off her own inhibitions, she rose and joined the dancing, Boda was going to learn a few things before the moon left that night. No more questions.
  1. add your thoughts on things we need to review for 2.0 rule set
  • It all boils down to vegetables. I truly believe that in this next set of rules we need to focus on allowing real vegetables, to be used as thrown weapons. It would be more realistic and it is biodegradable. That one time when we had tomato wars down on the field, and the Empress got covered in tomato juice, and she fried that new knight in the shiny armor for giggling, is the reason why im still larping to this day.
Spending 3 hours consoling Xamot after Stigs betrayal was some interesting roleplay....He was in tears and said he didn't know if life was worth living anymore. Thankfully after many drinks he remembered that there is another option in the city.
1. Post your favorite moments:

-The discovery of the Karasortians was neat, I didn't expect another player race to come out in this installment. While their lore is fascinating, I don't think that it's a sustainable costume requirement for me to craft the required third eye, double tail, and 6 tentacles. Very excited to see if anyone pulls it off though!

-Doing the weather dance to make it snow, and then seeing EVERYONE else quickly research the sun dance and doing it around me to counter my weather changing attempt was pretty cool, if a bit disappointing.

2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix):

-I didn't know Az'Caine was interested in forcing people to play "Fear Factor" for his enjoyment, and I'm now worried what other reality TV shows omnipowerful beings might be interested in.

3. What you would like to see more of:

-Unicycle trapeze fighting was AMAZING!!! More please!

4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character:

"No no, surely they aren't... Oh, yes, they are. I am starting to understand the true meaning of House Therion's words more and more..."

5. Please add your thoughts on things we need to review for the 2.0 ruleset:

Working as expected. Loving the system updates, eagerly anticipating when they do the hardware updates on the players to support the software updates to the game!