EVENT REVIEW: "The Ends Justify the Means" - June 2016

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Wow, second event of the summer already done, and our player count grows steadily higher!
Remember - IBGAs and MI requests are due in two weeks, by July 10 th.

**NPCs - Do not post here. We have our own review, which I will be posting to the FB group. Thanks! **

1. Post your favorite moments
2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
3. What you would like to see more of
4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character

Posting rules, respect everyone's views, no debates. Everyone sees things differently.
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1. There were so many moments this game that were pretty great. Walking down in the rain to try and tame the white wolf...and then having to drop Stig with a sleep gas. Officially becoming Siegart's apprentice. Getting to be Morrigan and thus pissing her off by missing every single switch! And moving my personal plot forward and getting angry and reckless after said event (which ended up with me being paralyzed...oops). Also, it was really cool to see some of the instamods that I wrote get out there...twice I had to say "I can't do this, I wrote it". I like helping :D

2. The weather could have been a little better. And I think the ending fell a little flat, personally. Last month we had that epic fight (which I understand we can't do every month, otherwise they'd get boring)...but before that, in the taverns we had something big/interesting/mysterious happen at the end of the night. This time, it just kinda stopped (although not sure if that was because nobody went into the forest to investigate or not).

3. More wandering monsters or bounties coming through (although, like last month, I may have just missed those). And more interesting twists on things...the skill swap thing was really cool. And more sunny weather.

4. Ruki smashes his hands on the table, "Dammit....I'm not sleeping, I'm not eating, and I can't keep going on living like this. Tell me what you need from me. Tell me what to do to get my family back. I'll do anything."

Not getting the answer he wanted, Ruki stood up, thanked her for her time, and stormed off kicking a chair. It would surely be at least another few months before he had the chance to rescue his wife and newborn son.


1. Post your favorite moments
Getting my fortune told by Ravinder - he looped it so well into my personal story and potential future.

Going to pick the stinky flowers from the cave with Cova, Stig, Evo, etc. A running fight to get in, with a tight difficult fight at the very end. Even an opportunity for a lower level guy like me to affect the outcome.

Stumbling across the plot that everyone else missed or didn't pursue and going to NPC for four hours while we chased it down.

2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
Sunday morning did seem a bit of a let down. No big finish, kept wondering if I missed something.

3. What you would like to see more of
Events that throw disparate characters together. I liked interacting with different people than I normally get thrown in with.

4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character
Hezekiah jogged out into the fight. His hands blurred, whipping the twin blades around. Never before had he any true martial prowess! This was thrilling! Exciting!

Until he was almost eviscerated and remembered it was still his original body, in all it's easy-to-kill glory.


Phil Bacon


1. Post your favourite moments
Playing pick up sticks with my dryad friends! Running from a Red Cap with a hand full of stinky yellow flowers! Being told that Cova was right all along about attempting to disarm Alzoun's hat! So many :).

2. Post your less favourite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
I can't think of many things from the organizer side. I do wish as players we could bring concerns directly to the organizers before spreading those concerns during game to other players.

3. What you would like to see more of
I enjoyed the less scripted version of events, having the portal close events on Saturday over Sunday morning was interesting to me and has me wondering what is up with all those animals... I am impressed overall with how players approached combat I found that players took initiative in more than a few cases not to just surround and beat npcs, but instead to utilize good 3 in 3 out methods and made the combats theatrical over flurious arm waving.

4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character

Cova stretches his arms reaching for the sky! "Tif, isn't it great to be back in the breach! I feel like we just left, but i'm excited to see all our friends." Quickling runs out and Cova is encased in a ball of lightning falling to the ground Tif runs over and feeds him a potion. "Tif we're home!" Cova says with a smile on his face. He adjusts his new badge from the Sanctum, pondering what his two triangles mean, and stands up before being encased in a ball of lightning as the quickling flies by once more.

Derrick Ferry
1. I really loved the skill switching, it was nice to get to try out different build paths and such; Phal was really excited to fight for once, but like a lot of things the novelty wore off after a few hours and he got bored of just having a club. It was especially entertaining to walk around with the shield and club up and have people comment on how strange it looked. :D

2. Nothing immediately springs to mind; I liked the weather in and out of character, though I wish I'd gotten more sleep before the event so I wasn't ready for bed by 10 on Saturday night. Pre-game anxiety and excitement will do that, though. :p

3. Again, nothing springs to mind personally, though I'm really liking PCs getting pulled to NPC for a while that's been happening the last couple of events. Hasn't happened to me yet, though since Phal is very much content to stay in the commons and talk I don't go following undead and the like very frequently. :)

4. It felt very strange to suddenly know how to use a club and shield, but Phalaenopsis was equally sure that whoever found themselves suddenly deprived of any weapon knowledge at all felt exactly the same; or perhaps not so much strange as angry, and it was rather amusing to him to consider Stig or Magnus dealing with the sudden loss of fighting prowess and influx of Alchemical skill and Earth magic. He briefly considered it a rather mean-spiriting thing to hope happen, but as he was appreciating his newfound skills and learning to understand the mindset of one who would learn them, he instead hoped that whoever found themselves disarmed was similarly trying to embrace the pseudo-pacifism now forced upon them by chance. 'Perhaps they'll take the time to experiment with poison gas or weapon coatings,' he thought, swatting the frog with his borrowed club, 'Or maybe they'll find it more enjoyable to heal the wounded with magic? Ooh, maybe they'll experiment on themselves! Hallucinates are usually fun to down now and then.' He smacked the frog once more with his club, keeping his shield raised to block the incoming spray of acidic blood, before it hopped out of his range; he stood his ground to protect those who'd been paralyzed, but the frog was slain shortly after. 'I can see why people like doing this, but I feel like a big hammer would be more my style...'

Tyler Sadler

Daimyo Shi

1. The switch of the first battle board, made me effective in combat. "50 assassinate" though striking from behind was more challanging.

2. I didn't have one, the rain sucked but if you guy have control over that then knock it off.

3. Costumes like the bat costumes they were great. Time observer mod had excellent costumes it was a shame that had a such a limited view.

4. Shiv looked down at the bat that he just killed. He could hear Evo say to the others "Don't kill it, it only defending its home." Shiv could only guess that Evo hadn't had a time where mercy nearly got everyone in his party kill. It wasn't worth the risk.


1. Post your favorite moments:
Switching jobs throughout the weekend. It was really fun. I have a new appreciation for Healers in our game. Dont forget to tip your local Healer! They do tremendous amount of work behind the scenes to make sure we get our butts up and going if we go down. Being a "Tank" was fun wielding a sword and board and actually doing significant damage makes me blood thirsty for moar! >:D

Seeing Rory (sorry Rory, I dont know your In game name!) sitting at a bench during the first fight. Totally being nonchalant, watching the fight go by. Then, a quickling comes running past, then Rory goes "6 normal, 6 normal". Quickling stops dead in his tracks. Rory looks at the quickling and sighs, saying "Oh, all right". Then he proceeded to demo the enemy.

2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
Dont have any :)

3. What you would like to see more of

Kind of stuck on that one. I personally enjoyed the weekend, I dont think there is anything at the moment. :)

4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character

I have a few actually (hopefully thats ok)
Seeing Vikor and Xamot up as potential suitors for a Northern Noble. Arylne being able to see (and hold!) a Platinum coin from the Noble. Certainly has some weight to it!

Arlyne being drunk for the first time in game. Then losing her jello. She was quite sad.

Being able to hold off the enemy while Arlyne was on a run with Xamot, Vikor, Boris & Aeizer. All what Arlyne can think of, is "Is it 10 mins? Why is this guy not dead yet? Must..keep..fighting!" Was totally in the zone to defeat him. I would like to thank the NPC that I was fighting, you are a great opponent!

I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for the nomination for Most Improved Player. I hope that in the coming months that Arlyne will find her way in the Breach and be a more formidable player:)


1. Post your favorite moments:
I really enjoyed the fight against the Black Goo. I had to fight more intensely then I have had to for awhile. One of my favorite moments was getting a bunch of the newer players "Drunk" in the tavern.

2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
Both my own faults. My schedule has made me miss both the big Ritual RP backlashes, the race change last year, and the skill change this year. I like fun weird RP. Also my new boots sucked for the wet ground, they became basically waterlogged for the entire weekend. New socks would be wet in 5 minutes.

3. What you would like to see more of

I don't think I actually got to do one puzzle this weekend. And I always like puzzles.

4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character

Mobius and Aezir went on a walk. While walking they saw a gnoll wandering off by itself.
"We probably don't need to worry about that" Aezir said to Mobius.
"Yeah It will probably leave us alone" Replied Mobius,"It should know better."
But the Gnoll had locked sights on them and started moving closer.
Great Aezir thought I was just hoping for a quiet walk.
Mobius called out, "Hello Gnoll can we help you with anything? What have you been doing since your Master Kara Vale is gone?"
"We have new Master" The Gnoll replied.
"Oh in that case can we possibly set up a meeting with this new Master of yours?" Mobius asked.
".....Yes I can go and set up a meeting" Said the Gnoll.
This should be interesting thought Aezir, we might be able to talk them into not sending Gnolls to attack us.
The Gnoll wandered off, Aezir and Mobius continued their walk a little bit before heading back to town. Upon returning Aezir sees a the town had just killed a Gnoll that looked kinda familiar. He turned to Mobius
"Great now we need to find a new messenger it looks like the town just killed ours" He growled.


1. Post your favorite moments
  • Going to "The begining" and seeing/listening to the meeting in the time mod, WOW npcs you did great and the makeup was awsome.
  • Me and Magnus tag teaming "Doom" and the new mechanics in that fight, also the possible aftermath from it XD. Cory voth that was awsome and Nichole it was great.
  • Helping with gathering some flowers for Nazrat and having to wrangle the group to keep moving due to continuous attacks by red caps and Jordans INSANE red cap at the end, awsome fight Jordan, and then Cova coming back at the end to make sure we were ok after he ran and hid the flowers.
  • Telling others not to engage the fire Gnolls along side Aezir and the meeting that happened after with their new leader, Sinder?, and it turned out to be the final Elementgnoll from the Kara vale battle last month and the mutal warriors respect we showed each other.
  • The backlash was hilarious at times, if I ever seemed grumpy it was only due to getting weaker and weaker and not being able to use my weapons or skills after a couple hours, which I'm so glad they came back to me when they did as a mod came up not 20 minutes after that they were very much needed on.
  • Kumari as Stig was funny as hell, and her occasional "scratching" me along with other...actions was hilarious OOG but down right confusing/anoying IG
2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
  • Stig feeling like he was 4yrs old when having Dains character card, no offence Donald, then getting Percys :'(

3. What you would like to see more of
  • More wanted poster NPCs maybe?
4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character
Oh geez um...
"NO ... He's free ... No cage for him"
Stig steps out to the Commons and watches, with a slight smile, as the great white wolf runs off to the forest. He sees a possible new friend in this wolf and to the mists with the idea of locking a great creature like him up.
"Stig Vill find you again....Doom"
Favourite moments:
Well, it took a while to get into the swing of things, so I couldn't really join the fighting as much as I wanted to; the best moment was that the end where Anch, Gunther and I followed a air knoll out to find her missing flappy pet! The NPCs built this elaborate rope bridge we had to cross better the trees and it was great to be such a low level but still be part of the bigger story. Thanks for that guys; especially since it was so late at night.

Not so favourite moments:
Well I never attended a weekend long event like that before so I was blown away by the newness and adventure! My one complaint is not to the the NPCs or PCs but to an anonymous male attendee:
If you clog a toilet, be a man and make sure it's unclogged before you walk out... Don't leave it for a newbie who signed up for bathrooms to be a team player :(
I've worked in F&B for 12 years and I've dealt with my share of "mistakes" but that's never fun work.

3. Don't know what to expect for next time since I have nothing to compare to!

4. "Merf er firth terr en baddleberey, an heff to firth of foure merves. Terr fifth of Tess an jetters-"
<Montana takes the cigar out of his mouth>
And after that whole switchie doodle things seemed to straighten up a bit. Not to sure what's going on in this odd town but boys will be boys and girls with be girls and oozes will be boozes, and so on. Sure would like to find Red (That troublesome pony) and my kit and get out to the open road again but I'll just hold up this lamppost until times be to move again. Meh
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