Event Review: You're Cordially Invited

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**NPCs - Do not post here. Let us know if you had any highlights or concerns in the NPC FB group. Thanks! **

1. Post your favorite moments
2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
3. What you would like to see more of
4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character
5. Please add your thoughts on things we need to review for the 2.0 ruleset
1. Singing for the wedding was spectacular.
Everyone coming together when things went south on the Brightmoor mods.
The shades of grey scenarios that we find ourselves in recently have been really interesting.
"Who the @!#!@# gave my kid cheezies"
The mass ritual in Balinox's Realm (Even though Balinox took Artur's voice away).

2. Balance did seem a bit off on the Brightmoor mods. I truly believe that even if we had been able to construct the catapult, unless it was going to kill a bunch of the fey, all those Arcane effects still would have dropped us.
I fully understand everyone wishing everyone to be in character all the time, there is a bit of a disconnect though when the fire pit seems to have multiple uses (in game gathering point, smoker's break area, NPC/PC OOG break area, etc.) . Not sure what the effective answer is.

3. I think the wedding showed that the PC's have potential to create events for the weekend where Plot and NPC's can have their hand in and still don't need to coordinate everything. Maybe some more things like that (celebrations, gatherings, etc.)

4. Artur looked over the full tavern, especially the high table. Seeing one Greater fey lord there and another that claimed to be one, he REALLY started questioning the lyrics that Solveigh and him had chosen. Oh well, nothing for it now.

5. I'll echo a reminder for Healing Chanelling that the packet needs to be on the focus for the full incant. Saw a few shortcuts on that.


1. The trick or treating Rodenzi was terrific.
The Curio shop was a ton of fun and lead to a lot of good roleplay.
The wedding was exciting and was very roleplay centric which was cool.
Getting Gloom Cursed so that whenever I swore, I was struck by lightning was very funny, and lead to great fun by the fire.

2. The Brightmoor mod was pretty difficult. We were all pretty tapped out after the dark reaches from the night before and then also having the individual adventures before the Beholder fight made that fight go on for a long time. Also, one group not having a walkie-talkie meant that they were waiting for a long time for us to join them.

3. The last logistics period didn't have a lot of mods it felt like, and it would have been nice to get to use some of my abilities in that last period, my first weekend in attendance, we were attacked by Rodenzi in the last hour or two and that was a really fun way to end the weekend.
More mods like the Curio shop would be fun.

4. Myrdin sat, collecting himself after the battle with the Beholder. Captain Stig called to him, and as he looked up, Stig jerked his thumb up. Confused, Myrdin stood and asked if he was needed, but Stig said, "No. You did good."
Myrdin beamed internally as he slumped back into the seat. He nodded a thank you and smiled.


1. -Getting whisked away into the Aether while everyone watched.
-Being promoted to War Mage and getting to be invested in the circle.
-Helping out the newbie adventurers and others with their ritual reagents
-Capturing the rodenzi on Friday night, paralyzing them and then talking at them for about 5 minutes basically saying "Lets work together or we'll kill all of you"
-The 4 strike teams for Brightmoore was really cool!
-Meeting the Empress is always exciting
-The Beholder fight was a lot of fun, I think even though we were super low on resources, made it more stressful. I also felt really useful in that fight which is nice, because in most of the big ones I can't seem to get any of my attacks off.
-The Curio shop was neat!
-Unlocking two paragon paths! I'm just sad I wasn't there to see the ending. And super glad I got to lead something and it not be super awful.
-A successful Dark Reaches!
-The tavern being cut off again! I really think it adds to it, and I like being close with everyone.
-When 3/4 of the new adventurers were cursed or something... and hiding in their cabin. Just bugging them and everything was hilarious. Jerret looking at his through the window with his paranoid eyes just made us all lose it.

2. -The one lair I went on was seemingly all traps... which is ok, since I can do traps... but not so much for the other people who could not do anything.
-Having to leave early was sad.
-Hurting myself like an idiot on the lair.

3. -More blue headband stuff. That was super cool!
-Keep the tavern cut up!
-More player driven conflict! It's nice when people have differing opinions on how to do things! (Just so everyone knows, I may disagree with what you're doing and am really mad at you in game, no bleed here!)

4. Ruki watched in silent horror as Tengu attempted to broker a deal with the Duke. While his own history with D.A.M was limited, he knows of the horrors that the now fae lord inflicted upon his friends and allies... some were past the point of redemption. To Ruki, it sounded like Tengu was trying to sell the Breachers down the river for... what? Saving D.A.M? The Homestone? Any deal with the Duke would put everyone, and the entire assault against the Reaches at risk. As the conversation ended, the vampire began to shake everyone's hand, and although it made his skin crawl, Ruki knew that not doing so would end poorly...

5. Now that Paragons are unlocking, I think having an updated list of what's unlocked and what they can do is ideal. If you would like help with this, let me know!


1. Oh man, so many. The wedding obviously, being berserked and then being put down twice, my speech, my ritual with Mal.
2. The brightmoor missions seemed a bit unbalanced.
3. I loved the new loot split system, the auction alone was really great and entertaining.
4. Solveig’s hand rested lightly on Baibh’s arm as they walked slowly through the leaves together. Up ahead she could see her betrothed waiting for her. Her heart fluttered and she took a deep breath.
“Last chance, we could run.” Baibh whispered to her.
She smiled and looked at her oldest friend. She knew how much weddings hurt him, and yet here he was walking beside her. She couldn’t imagine doing this without him.
“I think I’ll be ok Baibh.”
They continued to walk through the crowd, she watched in awe as several of her superiors bowed as she passed. She had started to feel uncomfortable, but as she looked up at Sarryn, her discomfort melted away and was replaced by a sensation of love and calm. Here we go, she thought.
5. I thought it was all great, no complaints
1. So many good moments!
mother f***ing wizard
Rohnan’s conversation with Stig
Sneaking Gabrielle back to the cabin safely
FINALLY earning rank two in the sanctum
Unlocking a paragon and now having something to work towards over the winter.
Killing Calan in front of the whole tavern.
The beholder fight. Knowing that we were all low on skills so seeing the beholder coming around the corner was genuinely terrifying but extremely satisfying that we were able to kill it.

2. I honestly can’t really think of anything.

3. wins. This weekend was awesome for giving us lots of wins. It would be nice to see that more throughout the season. Not that we shouldn’t ever take lossless, but more balanced.

4. A look of surprised confusion crossed Rohnan’s face as Calan spun around and thew a small fire bolt at her. The grin her gave her as he saw her spell shield absorb the hit should have warned her what was about to happen next as more manna was summoned to his hand a much larger fire bolt hit her squarely in the chest knocking her to the ground and leaving her bleeding out.

When she awoke and Calan was standing above her she knew he must have used the life spell that he keeps stored in his ring. He killed her just to bring her back again. She was so going to kill him.


1. Post your favorite moments
Getting the chance to lead missions, Climbing up the cliff face on the plane of stone blindfolded(Von Traps for life!) Every quiet moment with Gabriella, the rodenzie trick or treaters. "Who the F... gave my son cheesies? Gabriella and Calan sitting in a tree ABCDEFG"
2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix
Trying to take the villa without enough blacksmith to fix the siege engine. I half wonder if once it got to a point where we had taken the villa and then started to have to take on the popcorned fae that we shouldn't have entered an rp hold until the other forces arrived.
3. What you would like to see more of
I really loved that other paragon quest with the karate lesson Calan would love to complete and unlock that paragon. also, more blue headband insta-mods would be great. It was a lot of fun to have one mod pull you in and then get to see a whole bunch of others.
4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character
Calan returns form the reaches agitated, over-stimulated, he knew what was wrong with him hed been dealt two Greater Fae curses both of which gave him an aversion to any noise perceived as loud. He had no idea what Solveig had been shouting about but he had the compulsion to start attacking her right away. fortunately his sword was coated with paranoia so she didn't engage in a fight with him. Calan than turned towards other friends making too much noise and began striking them. all the while he was begging each of them to be quiet. there was a moment of silence and he asked Illandra (spelling) to put him in the sanctum circle so that he wouldn't be able to attack anyone else. After what felt like an hour the crowd quieted down. every cursed person was rounded up and also brought into the circle once more he was confronted with excessive it was no shock that jinn was being super loud until the archmage showed up. Calan having given up his weapons before entering the circle had no choice but to summon a flame bolt strait away Jinn gets angry as his spell shield absorbs the damage. calan apologizes as the Archmage enters. jinn starts to mumble really loud calan summons another bold of fire and assaults him with it. The Archmage takes his position and begins to speak loudly as calan begins to summon another bolt to attack the Archmage. Jinn bear-hugged calan so that he couldn't move his arms to complete the spell. "How I have dreamed of you hugging me Jinn." he cried." but not like this, not like this."

5. Please add your thoughts on things we need to review for the 2.0 ruleset
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1. Post your favorite moments
- Hallucinating. When else is a feylord gonna portal Jinn into your warded cabin to terrorize you??
- Seeing that Beholder for the first time. Pure dread. (And what a fan-*******-tastic prop!!)
- Solveig's speech
- Winning in the dark reaches!
- Yazig's sass makes me so happy
- Dinner auctions
- Endless harpy noises

2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
- It feels super dis-incentivizing to do dishes when you're constantly missing important stuff - Elly would've loved to go help finish the Aetherium quest but since it was 10 seconds after dinner ended, didn't get a chance. Felt especially bad when nothing else really used up resources for the rest of the log period. Any chance big stuff like that can be planned a little later?
- Agree w/ Brightmoor stuff, especially villa. RP hold after taking the villa would've been a great idea
- Like I said during the post-game meeting, agree w/ Alex - please keep RP by the fire, had to walk away a couple times cuz it was getting so OOG

3. What you would like to see more of
- There were tons of lairs and insta-mods this game, loved that
- I agree, keep the tavern small! It encourages a lot of RP between characters and makes announcements easier to hear

4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character
- Elly was exhausted. Looking around, so was everyone else. Adraxis worked furiously, trying to fix whatever armor people put in front of him. Evo flipped through his spell scrolls, looking for anything he could use. Jinn and Calan were nowhere in sight, their abilities spent on the damn fey at the villa. She watched as the beholder beamed spell after horrifying spell at some of her allies as its lieutenants hacked away at the rest. Holding Flame's Lover tightly in her hand, she took a deep breath and joined the fray.

5. Please add your thoughts on things we need to review for the 2.0 ruleset
- Reminder to watch your incants! Don't loose your packets until the incant is finished, and marshalls please call us on that


1. Post your favorite moments
- Chasing an enslaved Baibh around town in the dark
- getting feared in the dark reaches, and hearing the damn raptor right behind me, still swinging "four normal, four normal", but staying (barely) ahead of it as we circled the whole group twice - at a sprint - until Baibh intercepted it and put it down. I was very, VERY glad that the tower was dropped right after that and I got to catch my breath during the hold. I was completely spent.
- being the "ring dwarf" at the wedding!
- saving Talon from the Aetherium. Twice.
- I loved the undead/goblin battles my group participated in. For the first time ever, the PC's were outnumbered, or at minimum, matched numbers.
- fighting the beholder. and fighting. and fighting. and fighting. we don't get protracted battles like that very often.

2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
- I'm sure I had a few, but the whole event is such a blur in my memory right now that any bad parts are drowned out by the good.

3. What you would like to see more of
- I loved Barra's "go get drunk" mod, but I understand that there can't be content pretty much tailored to me every event. :p

4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character
"So, you're Barra!" The Fatespinner declared.
"I, uh...I-" grumble grumble
"Oh, don't worry. You weren't the first, you won't be the last."

5. Please add your thoughts on things we need to review for the 2.0 ruleset
I got nothin'


1. Favorite moments:
-After being hit by a river curse, Solrex could not shut up about the river. Everyone had to be reminded every five minutes to go to the river. Calan (Derrick) even told him that if he didn’t shut up, he would be hit by a (40) flame bolt, big enough to kill him. Unable to speak about the river, Solrex translated his cursed thoughts into verbal form, except, it came out as “I don’t want to be hit by a flame bolt, I don’t want to be hit by a flame bolt,” instead of trying to tell people to go to the river. However, for Solvieg’s wedding, he kept his mouth shut by following some advice by bargaining with the mental thoughts that he would tell them later about the river. Yet, his mind would not shut up about the river. Except, when he focused on the wedding, and focused on his partner’s death from his backstory, and how he could have had this, and the heartbreak of those thoughts briefly overcame the curse, until his thoughts wandered back to the river after the wedding, which in turn became, “I don’t want to get hit by a flame bolt.”
Note: Calan would have only made Solrex unconscious with a weaker spell, not kill him. But, he did not know that. Just for those wondering why a sylvanborn would act that way.

-See #4.

-Solrex, with the other Earth Weavers, fought to destroy a necromancy crypt, right before the beholder fight. Every time they attacked the summoning object, it summoned more zombies. They tried a healing spell. No effect, zombies fade in one, fade in two, fade in three. A life spell, which certainly wouldn’t have been in excess of, which also failed. Solrex wondered if elemental healing would harm the relic. Having only 20 channeling left, he tried a 5, and a crack appeared. Next chance he got, he summoned a 10, then seeing the zombies phasing in on 2, he went for a 5 to channel the rest of his pool, finishing off the relic but being torn to pieces. His spirit watched and counted, and realized that he had bled out. He needed a life spell, and it was already extended on the relic summoning the zombies. So, his spirit started the count for his dying 5 minute count. But, he was going to die this time, the life spell was already extended and exhausted. He knew this. He was a martyr.

“I call upon Earth to grant you life!”

Solrex’s body coughed awake, confused. They had used an artificial life spell stored to bring their hero back. Considering at this point that Solrex was afraid of his spirit longing for his partner (Maybe Cattail), he wasn’t even sure if he would come back (which is a bunch of bull crap planted in Solrex’s mind to make him not just be fearless of his first two deaths, of course his first 2 deaths are free), so he was blessed to not have to face death today.

Unfortunately, for the beholder fight, he had a potion and a bandage, everything else was consumed and so he gave the potion to someone else and hid. Having spent no time on honing his skills with a weapon, he had no offensive options.

2. Least Favorite Moments
-Having to fight a Beholder with no channeling left. Due to this, Solrex basically hid behind houses and trails until the beholder was dealt with, not even risking a glance longer than a moment due to the rumors he had heard about how looking at them could just hurt you. This was awful timing for this fight, and it could have been more entertaining if our resources weren’t all gone. While yes, I should have a weapon, I haven’t made a foam one yet, I don’t know which one to make yet, and swinging 2 normal seems REALLY effective against a giant eyeball you can’t look at. All in all, this seemed like an epic battle placed at an epicly WRONG time. Some people might enjoy fighting with their cantrip abilities, but I certainly don’t. What am I going to do, ask the beholder how many hit points he has lost so I can heal him with- oh wait, nothing!!!! And I doubt it was even undead.

Another moment for #1, it would be up higher, but copy and paste isn’t working for the forums.
-Solrex saw an undead. Late at night. He threw a “10 elemental healing” at it, and it harmed it. The fact that he was damaging instead of healing wasn’t the reason he enjoyed taking his first blood, his first attack, no, it was the fact that he was wiping the scourge of the undead off the land, and he was doing his job as an Earth Weaver. This brought new found hatred towards necromancy, moreso than before, and awakened something in him that wasn’t there before.

3. What I want to see more of
-More Roleplaying opportunities, if you had NPCs specifically for roleplaying, and one of them got into a conversation with Solrex about his partner, it would almost immediately make me want to give my NPC of the month to that person for helping me achieve tears and trembling (bones vibrating).
-Giving me space to write on my battleboard to write my channeling pool spent total. This is how my brain thinks:

“Right, he is down 30, and I’ve spent 20, so when I’m done, it will be 50 spent out of 275.”

Rather than:

“Huh, how many of these dots mean what? Am I out of channeling yet? This is not math, this is baby tally marks, which my mind doesn’t comprehend quickly.”

Just having space to write down my current total in like a box or something would be greatly appreciated.

4. A moment from the perspective of your character:
Aside from 1 and 2, there’s this:
-Solrex was in the Conclave, late at night, next to the Earth Circle, whispering to his beloved (Working name, but it might be Cattail) parter, who he believed if she could hear him from anywhere, it would be from the Earth Circle. Cameron approaches Solrex, and asks him what he is doing. Solrex explains that he believes that, although he is very likely just talking to dust and air, he thinks that speaking near the Earth Circle may allow his fallen partner to hear him. Cameron reassured Solrex that she does hear him. This caused Solrex to cry a little. Solrex asked if there was even an afterlife, or if spirits not caught by the Earth Circle would just fade to dust. Because the Spirit Farewell ritual exists, there must be an afterlife, of which we are unaware. Solrex argued back that what if spirits were destroyed after the ritual, and that’s why they couldn’t come back? Cameron reassures Solrex, and by now, the tear gates have flooded, and both Solrex and Anson, (myself, the player of Solrex) are crying due to the immersion, and his bones were described as “Vibrating from stress.” He also was clearly stressed out at the odds of meeting another reeds dryad that could love that could also live near the Lux. Cameron continued to give him hope.

With this conversation about what could have happened to his partner, I got to play with my body’s emotions, and have a lot of fun. Anyways, the story continues.

Much later, Phalanopsis offers Solrex a hallucinate potion, when he could produce one, and Solrex took the offer. This was to have an intentional hallucination of his partner (Cattail, maybe her name). However, after speaking to Tengu about maybe pausing his memory of her death, which he was unable to do at that point, he decided that if things went sour, it would only corrupt his memory of her, and thus, Tengu convinced Solrex to not be so violent in his emotions. Solrex couldn’t believe that he was speaking to a Biata and not a stone elf, with how stoic and reasonable Tengu was. He decided against this, and, (with OOC permission), gave Tengu a hug, probably in tears if I remember correctly.

This level of immersion where I physically trembled and had my bones vibrate, and could actually cry and feel my characters emotions, was amazing, and I wonder if the long weekend helped with getting deep enough into the character that I could achieve such a thing.

5. Not sure, cause I started playing after 2.0 released. Maybe a kind of shield with a maximum size that can be used as a channeling focus? I would love to use a shield as a way to deter attacks, but that’s kinda awkward when I have to put it down to heal someone. It would also be nice to have somewhere to put my spirit/battleboard that is in easy access.
Solrex said:
Just having space to write down my current total in like a box or something would be greatly appreciated.
It would also be nice to have somewhere to put my spirit/battleboard that is in easy access.
Just wanted to chime in on these two points.
Your battleboard is yours to write on more or less however you want, so long as a Marshal can still read your Skills/High Magic; there's usually a lot of blank space at the bottom of either side, so if keeping track of your Channeling pool is easier with numbers than the circles, you should do it that way. :) You could also mark the circles ahead of time with numbers to make it easier to fill them in as you go, if that would be better for you.
Your battleboard just has to be on your person, so folding it up so it fits into a pocket or pouch is totally fine. :) You could even tear off the empty parts you're not using to make it easier, if you really want to. You should be able to find a small drawstring bag at a craft store for fairly cheap, and hanging it off your belt and stuffing the battleboard in there is another option you might consider.
1. Post your favorite moments
-the beholder fight and small group mods before were fantastic
-the trick or treating rodenzi
-Balinox's curses were really creative
-there were a ton of instamods about, chasing Myrdin out and the "army" he returned with was hilarious
-the travelling merchant

2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
-I didn't get much opportunity to use up skills in the third log period, after learning my lesson about resource management from the beholder fight!

3. What you would like to see more of
-The small tavern was really nice
-It'd be cool to see some more big goals for the Earth Weavers!

4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character
Genevra sat watching the wedding's high table and despaired. Elspeth had been kind, but Sarryn and Solveig had willingly invited a vampire to their celebration, and Genevra had joined the Earth Weavers mere hours before. As Sarryn accepted a belt from DAM, she knew, if nobles could behave this way, there was no hope for her sister, whatever she had been involved in...


1. Post your favorite moments
- The Selunari merchant. What a wonderful encounter. Occupied many PCs for a while and I think we all had a ton of fun with it. Very cool!
- Lairs! Very fun this event.
- Playing the drums as part of a ritual. Really liked that style of ritual. Being able to see different PCs have different ways to RP the rituals is really immersive.

2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
- Instamods -- Example: Getting bored on Saturday, going for a walk to see if there is anything going on elswhere, finding an instamod that has a consequence of essentially being of commission for 1 hour. Both times this has happened has been right at the same time a module for my PC is set to fire. This is not a unique experience as this same sort of thing exactly happened last event. Fortunate we had plot involvement on this one to remedy it but last time it ended up not being able to go on a module. Having been around about 5 of the instamods, the best outcome I have seen so far was a negative effect by an hour followed by a beneficial effect as a once-ever for the event. Everything else has been negative (explosive trap or taken out of action for ~1 hour). I know this is written in the file on the Facebook group re: writing isntamods but I haven't had a good experience with these. I'm very happy to find lairs but now am strongly wanting to just leave instamods alone when found.
- Not having much going on at certain points. Roleplaying with other PCs is great but especially when it's cold out there was a lot of go to the fire to see if anything was going on, go to the tavern to see if anything was going on, go for a walk to see if anything was going on. Even having 1 or 2 NPCs run some small monster encounters in town for people to just have something minor to engage in (like fishbowl for fighting a couple of things) where they can use their combat skills would be nice. The first and third logistics periods were way less used (others have echoed this) than the second one where it seemed all the action happened.
- The Brightmoor module difficulty scaling. Again, echoed by others. For the module leg my PC was involved in, I definitely was super pumped up about it and really into it but after the first or second wave where there were several arcane effects (sleep/charm/fear/?berserk) being fired from behind a barrier it felt awful. At first it felt awful as a PC in-play but then it completely broke immersion to see that the level of difficulty was so off-base that the NPCs playing the monsters had to not kill/injure the PCs because it clearly would have been a TPK for the entire module leg. Seeing that huge shift completely ruined the immersion. I'm not sure I have an easy fix -- either it shouldn't be scaled like that, or the intention should be for the 6 (I think) PCs from that module leg to die and resurrect. To switch part way through (I'm thankful my PC didn't res, to be clear, but the immersion certainly took a hit) felt bad.

3. What you would like to see more of
- The Brightmoor town mod creativity was awesome. Loved the premise. Loved the mini module zones. Loved the final fight.
- Stuff to use combat abilities on (or just engage in combat with), particularly during downtime.

4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character
- The mission was a disaster. The villa had been breached but a huge part of the party had been taken out. The Fae were rebuilding the catapult outside. If reinforcements didn't arrive, death was imminent. The villa began to quake as stones hit a wall. Soon the wall would be breached and the Fae would pour in. Adraxis planned to make a run for it. Items were piled into pouches and as the Fae began pouring through the wall Adraxis bolted through the other entrance, the front door. Fae were waiting there, too. He managed to get some distance away from them. Maybe there are reinforcements somewhere? he thought as he took a few seconds to catch his breath. Things had never looked this grim. There was movement from another part of Brightmoor. Help? Adraxis wondered. He moved towards the figures in the distance. No. That's a beholder! There was no reprieve. Everything was awful. (I really had a super ton of fun overall!)

5. Please add your thoughts on things we need to review for the 2.0 ruleset
- Continue to make sure we're calling each other on miscants. I felt people were doing better about it in general this event but it's something we need to keep in mind!
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