Event schedule 2008

Events 2008 -

February 15-18, Millersylvania State Park
April 4-6, Millersylvania State Park
June 20-22, Sheppard High Adventure camp
August 22-24, Sheppard High Adventure camp
October 10-12, Sheppard High Adventure Camp
November 7-9, Millersylvania State Park

All events with dates listed are confirmed reservations.
In answer to some questions being asked -

All events are to be considered as Fortannis events until announced otherwise.
April - Time enough. Since the Master's demise and the failed ritual, time has been becoming more fractured. Time elementals have been seen about the countryside. To make matters worse, the time rends seem to be expanding and the past, present and future are colliding! Maybe that would explain a few things.. or maybe not?

June - Nothing to fear. With the summer approaching and the first harvests of early wheat being brought in, you'd think things would be calming down a bit. Unfortunately, someone forgot to tell the "bad guys."