Event Schedule 2011!

Event schedule 2011, to be updated as events are added:

February 18-21, Millersylvania State Park - Long Weekend

April 15-17, Brooks Memorial State Park - Weekend
"Cloak and Dagger" A small farming village is thrust into the spotlight as it becomes host to all manner of Elements. Nobility, Guildleaders, and Adventurers alike swell this conveniently inconvenient town nearly to bursting in an attempt to ensure the safety and neutrality of talks seeking to address the dire straights that Andar has found itself in. Voices from this realm and beyond make themselves heard, in shouts and in whispers. Friends and Foes each play a hand in unmasking the other, but who among them wields the Dagger?

July 22-24, Camp Sheppard - Weekend
"Into the Hands of Heroes" As Andar's enemies threaten to squeeze her breath out, an unlikely plot unfurls in the shadows. Gates, Portals, and Circles rip the fabric between realms and expose the enemy's weaknesses - and their strengths. What allies, found in dark corners, reveal themselves in this dire hour?

September 2-5, Camp Sheppard - Long Weekend

November 4-6, Millersylvania State Park - Weekend
This is the complete schedule of weekend events for Alliance Seattle for 2011. All new weekend event scheduled will be in 2012, so keep an eye on that thread! We'll let you know when it's been updated in the Out of Game section.