Event Schedule 2012!

Event schedule 2012, to be updated as events are added:

January 13-16, Millersylvania State Park ELC - Long Weekend

April 13-15, Millersylvania State Park ELC - Weekend

July 6-7, Millersylvania State Park ELC - Overnight Gameday

July 27-29, Camp Sheppard - Weekend

September 21-23, Millersylvania State Park ELC - Weekend

November 9-11, Millersylvania State Park ELC - Weekend


Alliance Seattle Presents: The Valley of Ghosts episode 2, Uproar
It has been around two months since the adventuring community braved the portal into the mysterious Valley of Ghosts. In the small, fairly isolated community of Tarndale, the adventurers found shelter from the glowing red eyes in the night.

Fascinated and a bit weary of the newcomers, the people of Tarndale slowly learned to live alongside of their strange and powerful visitors. But not all has been well. Small rumblings have been heard in the community regarding the sovereignty of Andarian law over those not from the land connected to the portal, and Sir Avaran has decreed that no Tarndalians should be taught, on pain of death and banishment.

Elder Osmond has called for a town hall meeting to discuss intercommunity relations and the hear thoughts from the populace at large. Will a consensus be met or will it just serve to expand the schisms forming within each community?

And just what is it that has everyone afraid of the night?

Come join us for game 2 of our new setting, the Valley of Ghosts.
Alliance Seattle Presents: The Valley of Ghosts episode 3, Outsiders

Armed to the nines, a War Party of some of the most powerful Corrupt yet seen assaulted Tarndale, only to be pushed back into the darkness by the newcomers to this small town. The night has grown quiet, and whether the adventurers have taken up the locals' customs, the creatures had been pushed so definitively out of town, or the renewed vigor with which the locals are harvesting and drying purple sage, the number of attacks has dropped significantly in the past months. With little call to venture into the night, the glowing eyes and the occasional call of a frightened wanderer are the primary reminder that they are even there at all.

The town is abuzz with activity, harvesting sage, planting crops, mining amethyst, tilling fields, clearing land, rethatching storm damaged rooves, and taking stock of goods their own household and township's supplies. The weather is getting better, and the trader is due in the coming weeks. Rumors abound, but it seems that very few townsfolk ever deal with him directly; they all get their goods second-hand through Rufus Mercator. Travel through the portal has increased as well, and a few other folk have trickled in from Andar to see what new world lies on this side to explore. Merchants and Bureaucrats, Couriers and Adventurers (especially that one), all have one thing in common, they are all Outsiders.