Fair Day Chaos, The Fairy Flowers and after event effects

Brandy Smith-Watrous

New Hampshire Staff
Due to the Chaos of Fair Day, I didn't get a chance to write those that were affected. So I am posting the dream you have here. You can reply here, Email Cinderfelplot@gmail.com, or PM me.

March 14th, Fair Day Plot,

After everyone got back to the ship and Rigg’s set sail for Black Heart Bay in Unmei. Those that ate the fairy flowers drift off to sleep rather quickly when their heads hit the pillows. Everyone has the same dream.

You are sitting in front of the old Vulgar Gargoyle tavern in Chiram’s Hollow. It’s dark and the stars are out, must be midsummer because it’s warm and the bugs are in full symphony. The tavern is lit and singing is coming from the open windows, everyone is having a good time. While you sit alone on the tipped log, back against the tavern and enjoy your mead. Then the bugs go silent and a villain that you dread comes through the forest line with many underlings in tow. Behind them all, you can see a figure in the distance back in the trees, holding a dim lantern and he waves at you.
You awake in your bed in a night sweat, realize where you are and how long ago that would of been. You shake it off and finally get back to sleep, the rest of the night is peaceful.
Who did you dream of?
Next morning, over breakfast, you realize others had the same dream, just a different villain.
*If you character has never been to Chiram’s Hollow, substitute the Mournstead tavern and whatever villain [from a NH chapter] that has scared your character.