Fair day location change

Videa Logistics

New Hampshire Staff
Due to schedule conflicts with the city, we had to change the location of our March 14th fair day. It will now be held at

Charlestown Vfw
365 lovers lane
Charlestown NH

Players can arrive at 9am for logistics. Event start time is 10am till 4pm with cleanup after. This is a pot luck event also so ease bring something to share. There are fridges and outlets for use. Thank you all for making this game great!


New Hampshire Staff
We have updated the Preregistration flow in the CMA for this event and have deactivated the Google form. Please register for this event in the CMA.



The CMA is super easy once you have your character set up. Even magic items are easy, just enter the item number and it all shows up on the battle board! Just finished the pre reg this morning!


You can also make such easy edits if you accidentally created the wrong gas globe because READING CHARTS IS HARD, APPARENTLY.

AND you can sign up with one thing at a time, if you happen to be terribly indecisive about spells and will take days to decide on a memorization list, but wanna get all your other info figured out!

Yes, the CMA is very kind to absolute spade cadets like me! Hahahah.